3 forms of workouts to burn physique fats for a fast 7 minute exercise

We’re not here to tell you that seven minutes out of not at all This kind of activity every day is all you need to get in perfect shape. That said, if you’re looking to get active to burn calories for a leaner, more athletic body, we’ve got you covered. maybe get you started on this process in less than 10 minutes a day.

Best of all, you’ll be able to do this without any lengthy and tedious cardio sessions. Instead, all it takes is weight training – with a little variation. The Men’s Health 7 minutes of training for Fat Burn We’ll show you how to maximize your workout in as little as seven minutes with a list of exercises specifically incorporated to help you burn calories faster.

There is a catch to cut. You’ll need to do the right types of exercise to get your heart rate up for an effective bout — sorry, seven minutes of focus won’t cut it here. What you will do are routines based on a selected set of exercises that target multiple muscle groups, helping you move in different directions and develop your athletic prowess.

7 minute workout for men’s health to burn fat



7-minute workouts won’t completely replace a traditional strength training session, but small habits that can be used as a building block for body changes can be the calorie-burning catalyst you have may be needed for longer, more intense training sessions down the road, say Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS

“All you need to do is have the right exercises,” says Samuel. “If you’re looking to burn fat, you don’t need a fancy gym or tons of high-tech equipment. You just need the right exercises. “

7 minute workout starting point

Speed ​​and efficiency are the goals of the 7 Minute Workout, which means that to get a lot done in a short amount of time, we need to keep our bodies moving as much as we can.

A half-hour weightlifting session can burn about 126 calories. Increase the intensity and you’ll see 250 calories in that short amount of time. You shouldn’t expect a complete transformation overnight, but the exercises used in each short workout will get your blood flowing, increase your heart rate — and even make you stronger, like studies have shown.

Another goal of the program is that the gains you get from these short sessions will help rebuild your fitness motivation, motivating you to start adding more movement to your muscle-building routine. mine.

Types of exercises to burn fat in the body

The exercises used in each of the 7 Minute Workouts are selected as the best and most effective for boosting your metabolism. While every exercise listed falls under these categories, some moves are moved into multiple categories, giving you a bigger return on your money.

    Studies have shown that multi-joint movements, which work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, can be just as effective as isolation movements. Another important benefit to your calorie goal is that with multi-joint movements, you can build the same amount of muscle and strength in a fraction of the time.

    “We wanted to try to attack multi-joint drills,” says Samuel. “The moves can be simple but at the same time we get a lot of movement each time.”

    • Movement from high to low, change the level

      When we think about varying degrees, we are thinking of exercises in which our legs are not in a shoulder-width position throughout the movement. Instead, we’re going high, low, back high, then low — think of cleanliness and sensation as the ultimate level changer. And while you’re changing levels at a rapid rate, you’re burning tons of calories.

      “We have to go from low to high to low and back. Samuel said.

      • Sporty, explosive movements

        Your final options will include ballistic movement that will help improve athletic performance, or at least give you the feeling of training like an athlete. “If you do these types of moves and do them the right way — that’s exactly what you get in a seven-minute workout — you’re going to have great fat-burning effects,” says Samuel. and lots of calories.”

        6 super effective fat burning exercises

          Type: Multi-joint

          How to do it: Place a pair of dumbbells on the floor and grip them as you do push-ups. Once you’ve returned to the starting position, row the dumbbell with one hand to chest level. Lower then repeat with the other hand. It’s a representative.

          • Alternating reverse lung

            Type: Multi-joint

            How to do it: Stand up straight with your hands at your sides and focus on your body. Step your right foot back into an inverted lunge, lowering your knee to the floor. Step back far enough that you feel your hips stretch. Return to starting position, then repeat with opposite leg. It’s a representative.

              Type: Multi-level, Sport

              How to do it: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Push your hips back, lower your body as far as you can, and place your hands on the floor with your feet. Kick your legs back into a push-up position. Do push-ups, then bring your legs back with your hands and stand up. It’s a representative.

                Type: Multi-level, Sport

                How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding a pair of dumbbells in front of your shoulders. Keep your abs and glutes working. Squat as deeply as you can, then get up. As you stand up, push the dumbbells straight up over your shoulders. Return to the starting position.

                  Type: Sports

                  How to do it: Start in an athletic position, then gently lower the weight and swing
                  arms behind you. Quickly reverse the movement, swing your arms overhead and jump as high as you can, while rotating 180 degrees clockwise. Land gently and repeat, this time turning in the opposite direction.

                    Type: Sports

                    How to do it: Place two dumbbells or dumbbells on the floor in front of you. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, push your butt back, and grab both dumbbells. Pull the dumbbells up, “lift” them back between your legs, then push your hips forward as you swing both dumbbells up to chest level. Swing the dumbbell back between your legs. It’s a representative.

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