3 shoulder workouts to swap for harmful Arnold presses

As training methods continue to evolve, no classic exercise will be introduced into the practice without thorough examination. And while no one can replace the GOAT of bodybuilding, the Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of his eponymous exercises, the Arnold press, is a different story.

It’s hard to undo any of the moves Arnold signed – and it obviously worked for him – but this once mighty shoulder workout would have been better if included in the exercise archive. along with other old monuments.

Why put down the Arnold press? Quite simply, the Arnold press is ineffective because it is potentially dangerous. Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, CSCSand MH Member of Advisory Board David Otey, CSCS More precisely, this overrated exercise not only prevents you from working with heavier loads, but can also leave your shoulders in a potentially injury-prone position.

“Arnold is the reason I started lifting, but because of the old school lift mentality, there are some things that we have learned over time that are probably not optimal for lifting now,” says Otey.

Why the Arnold Press is a Bad Choice for Your Workout

Here are some issues related to the Arnold press:

There is an extremely low-key part

What worked for Arnold and others in the Golden Age of bodybuilding might not be the most beneficial when it comes to your shoulder health and longevity today. Time has proven that the Arnold press puts your shoulders in a vulnerable position every time you rotate and lower the weight, says Otey. The excess rotational movements associated with the Arnold press create the potential for injury. At the same time, this detracts from other important role-playing goals, namely…

You can’t go heavy

Due to its unique rotational movement pattern, the Arnold press is not ideal for working with heavy loads. Lifting weights can put extra stress on the shoulders due to the rotational movements involved. There are many options you can use to help maximize your shoulder muscles while minimizing unnecessary stress on your shoulder joints and rotator cuffs.

3 Alternatives to Arnold Press

Instead of struggling with the Arnold press, try these three alternatives for better shoulder augmentation:

    Performing presses with real warm weights allows you to rotate your shoulder joints naturally throughout the movement, and safely and stress-free return to the front rack at the end of each set. It’s a smoother — and safer — swing that will help you feel better on your shoulders while also giving you a chance to weigh more with the one-arm than you would with the Arnold press. .

      The natural movement of the lateral lift puts less strain on the shoulders than the deliberate movements associated with the Arnold Press. If you’re looking to really hit that mid or lateral deltoid, this will target that area. The side lifts are also versatile enough to be used as part of a superset or drop set, and on top of that, you really get more work here than you would with the Arnold press.

        This classic shoulder exercise is more basic than Arnold’s signature exercise, but it’s a fundamental element for a reason. Using heavier loads and lifting straight overhead in the scale plane allows you to work in a safer motion pattern. It’s important that you can push as heavy as possible, which is essential for building strength and shoulder size.

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