40+ Double Dutch Membership: Columbian ladies train for enjoyable

The NE Columbia 40+ Double Dutch Club meets every Thursday and Sunday to host a unique form of exercise.

COLUMBIA, SC – A group of women in Columbia have found a fun way to exercise that takes them back to their playground fun days.

Two Dutchmen, Duels and Hula Hooping are a kid’s dream on the playground, but with Dutch Club 40+ Northeast ColumbiaThese toys mean more than that.

“This is my time, this is a place where I can forget about being a mom, be a wife, I can put my work behind me and just come here and be a kid for a while,” said club member Tracey Belcher said.

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The group was founded in Chicago in 2016 as a way for friends to help each other exercise, and now six years later, they have chapters around the country, including one in Columbia.

The women in the group meet at Hyatt Park every Thursday for some time to relax in their own way.

Miracle Holmes, 42, said: “I was really looking for time to myself when I found this group. “You know you have responsibilities, work, family, parenting and this is a really healthy time for me, and gets me back to the job I’ve loved doing since I was 5. age. “

Tedrina Boone says she joins to help achieve her fitness goals, but she says when she jumps or skips rope with 40+ Double Dutch, it doesn’t feel like a gym session.

“It’s not like you’re exercising because we’re having fun,” says Boone. “We’re Hula Hooping, we’re jumping rope and doing more than just jumping.”

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Ruschille Ford-Ravenell, the club’s co-captain, 40s and older comes out every week to dance and have fun.

“My mom is the oldest member of this sub-club at 69… she doesn’t dance but she cheers us on with her pom-poms. She does aerobics on chair and she can jump rope,” said Ford-Ravenell.

The group meets twice a week and they hope to get more women in the community out to play.

If you want to join NE Columbia 40+ Double-Dutch Club, you can visit website.

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