6 quick meals to keep away from in case you have excessive ldl cholesterol – Do not eat this dish

Fast food can be a lifesaver when you need food in your stomach ASAP. Thanks to amazingly efficient processes and lots of prepared foods, you can enjoy a full meal in less time than cooking one yourself. With nearly 40% of Americans reported to be consume fast food on any dayIt seems that the habit of eating fast food is not going away anytime soon.

Unfortunately, the medical literature does not support regular fast food intake to control cholesterol. According to the results of a study published in Nutrition MagazineWeekly fast food consumption is associated with both LDL “bad” cholesterol and triglyceride levels – two outcomes most people with hypercholesterolemia want to avoid.

That’s because fast food items aren’t always made with the most ideal ingredients for people high cholesterol. Experts recommend a diet that includes a variety of crops, is low in saturated fat and limited in sodium to help lower cholesterol. Limiting fried foods is also a popular suggestion for those looking to lower cholesterol. And since a juicy burger, crisps, and a sweet soda are the quintessential fast food combination, it’s safe to assume that frequent snacking is not a universal recommendation. by cardiologists and other heart health professionals.

Among the many menu options available at popular fast food establishments, there are a number of meals that are better choice for people with higher cholesterol than others. As a general rule, eating non-fried, creamy, and low-fat dishes is a better choice for the high cholesterol crowd.

If you’re someone who frequents fast food for a quick meal and you have high cholesterol, here are six commands you should avoid, along with six better options for you to help you out. check your heart health.

wendy's big bacon cheddar cheeseburger three times
Courtesy of Wendy’s

Made with 3/4 pound beef, cheese sauce, bacon jam and topped with fried onions, slices of bacon, and more cheese, this burger is packed with ingredients that are rich in nutrients. saturated fat, sodium, and other nutritional elements that people with high cholesterol should limit.

Just one of these burgers will fuel your body with 42 grams of saturated fat, or the kind of fat that tends to increased levels of LDL cholesterol. For reference, American Heart Association The recommendation is to make only saturated fat consisting of 5% to 6% of the total calories you consume in a day. So, if you follow a 2,000-calorie diet, you should only consume about 13 grams of saturated fat per day. In other words, this sandwich is the antithesis of what you should eat if you have high cholesterol.

wendy's summer strawberry salad
Courtesy of Wendy’s

This salad is made with fresh fruit, vegetables, and grilled chicken breast, making it a great addition to a cholesterol-lowering diet. You can ask to skip the bacon if you want to be extra cautious, but adding small amounts of these crunchy supplements probably won’t lead to a major impact on your heart health.

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mcdonalds' hearty breakfast
Courtesy of McDonald’s

Sure, starting your day with hot dogs, chips, and butter cookies sounds delicious, but relying on this big beer can help you lose 24 grams of saturated fat a day, or almost double the allotment for a 2,000-calorie diet. Plus, this breakfast has no fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds, potentially leaving people lacking in important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help maintain their heart health. they are as desired.

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mcdonalds maple fruit oatmeal
Courtesy of McDonald’s

While McDonald’s Fruit and Maple Oatmeal isn’t the best oatmeal on the planet for heart health, it’s made with real oats, which is a very good thing. Oats contain a unique fiber called beta-glucan, which can help lower cholesterol levels. Therefore, including any breakfast made with oats, such as this oatmeal, can be a heart-healthy choice.

Pro tip: add only a small amount of topping to your bowl of oats to reduce your sugar intake (brown sugar and dried fruit can make this oatmeal a sugar bomb!).

Subway chicken bacon sub farm
Courtesy of the subway

If you opt for the lingering side dish, choosing this savory will give you 22 grams of saturated fat and nearly 60 grams of total fat. The combination of farmhouse cream sauce and greasy bacon is definitely unmatched in a heart-healthy paradise.

Subway rotisserie chicken salad
Courtesy of the subway

Subway has an impressive salad menu and you can mix and match your veggies as you please. Just choose an oil-based dressing over a cream option and you’ll be fine.

baba burgers
Burger King

While cheeseburgers can be part of a healthy and balanced meal, eating too much of a version can load up on too many unhealthy nutrients. The Triple Whopper with Cheese is a prime example of this — with nearly 40 grams of saturated fat, 2.8 grams of trans fat, and over 2,200 milligrams of sodium, this sandwich is hardly a heart-healthy choice.

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burger king hamburger jr.  kids meal
Courtesy of Burger King

There’s no rule that says adults can’t eat children’s meals. If you’re craving a hamburger, this meal comes in a decent serving size and doesn’t contain a lot of cream or fatty toppings. You can trade juice for fat-free milk for extra protein along with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and several other important nutrients.

Long John Silver's Pacific Cod Meal
Courtesy of Long John Silver’s

Seafood is one of the best things people can eat to support their heart health. Between the lean protein, omega-3s, and micronutrients in seafood, it’s no wonder American Heart Association recommends that people include two servings of fish in their diet each week.

But if you think enjoying a plate of fried fish with chips and dogs on one side is “considered an acceptable serving of seafood,” think again. While this dish will provide heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, the association specifically says that fish should not be fried to comply with their recommendations.

So while Long John Silver’s Pacific Cod Plate is made with real fish, it’s been crushed and fried, leaving people with cholesterol levels in check. And since the sides are more fried, this dish is best to enjoy once.

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Long John Silver's Grilled Salmon Meal
Courtesy of Long John Silver’s

Salmon is a cold-water fatty fish that is one of the best sources of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. And since Eating non-fried fish is linked to lower LDL cholesterolChoosing for this fast food dinner could be one of the best you can choose to support your heart health. Side dishes include classic chickpeas, corn, and rice, making it a reasonably balanced meal that’s not fried and packed with key nutrients.

KFC hot pot chicken cake
Courtesy of KFC

There’s no denying that there aren’t many things as comforting and delicious as eating a hand-made chicken pie. There’s also no denying that KFC makes a delicious selection.

When it comes to nutrition, however, KFC pies are probably one of the worst things people with high cholesterol can eat. Between the buttery thin crust and the creamy sauce, this dish is known to be the main source of saturated fat – 25 grams of this fat per serving, to be exact. One pie also contains more than 40 grams of total fat and 1,750 milligrams of sodium.

kfc grilled chicken with green beans
Courtesy of KFC

This thigh portion contains only 3 grams of saturated fat and less sodium than the grilled breast option. They are an excellent source of protein, and like all dark broiler meat, are a natural source of important nutrients, including iron, choline and vitamin B12. Pair chicken with chickpeas and sweet corn for a well-balanced and delicious meal.

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