Adele revealed a shock about 7 weight reduction stones after her newest look – particulars

Hanna Fillingham

Adele shared her weight loss in a rare interview over the weekend, detailing the real reason why she decided to start changing her lifestyle.

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Appearing on Desert Island Discs, the award-winning singer explained that she decided to start working out for herself, which is why she hasn’t shared much about her weight loss journey “the way people do.” still do”.

She said: “I understand why Journalism was so fascinated by it.. I didn’t share my journey the way others do.

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VIDEO: Adele’s weight loss journey explained

“Most other people will have a DVD by now. I did it in my own quiet time.”

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She added: “But I feel terrible for some people when it feels like other people’s comments mean they don’t look good or they don’t.

“Some of the people I see are young, they’re like 15 years old. Some other people feel so betrayed by me, like ‘Oh, she’s under pressure,’ which isn’t really. Because, like, you don’t hold my hand in the evening at 4 a.m. when I’m crying with anxiety and need distraction and things like that.”

Adele shared about her weight loss

She also discussed the positive impact exercise has had on her, revealing: “100% [exercise] gave me focus, it gave me somewhere to let go of my energy – for better or worse – and it made me feel like I became stronger mentally by becoming stronger physically. “

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On how she’s changed her outlook on life in general, the star added, “I don’t put myself in situations that make me burn out anymore. I’m going to give it up. I choose people very, very carefully. who is kidney now. in my life.”

The singer is currently in London and performing at the Hyde Park Collection on Friday night. The mother-of-one also did not disappoint when giving a spectacular performance in front of a loving audience.

The award-winning singer lost 7 stone in the past few years

She looked stunning in a custom-fitted black Schiaparelli gown, which had a velvet top with off-the-shoulder design, a low neckline, and a cinched waistline that formed a sparkly, floor-length gown. delicately attached.

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During the show, Adele shared an interesting update on her postponed Las Vegas residency, which she canceled at the eleventh hour back in January.

“I had my shows that I was supposed to do but they didn’t happen,” she told the crowd. “But we’ll be announcing them very, very soon. I’m just waiting for a device.”

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