Aditi Surana: To coach these women (state winners) and construct their psychological health is the best and most seamless expertise

An entrepreneur, podcaster, writer, art enthusiast and unwavering optimist, Aditi Surana proved to be an invaluable asset to Miss India Organization (MIO) when she joined the council as High Performance Coach for the state winners of Femina Miss India 2022.

The brilliant and talented Aditi has worked as a performance coach and a behavior analyst for the past 20 years and has associated with many organizations and teams by understanding what brings good. best in them and help them grow. She is extremely passionate about her work and as the founder of, the only mind gym in India that gives 10x growth, they measure the mental physical experience by How to use simple tips and tools to effectively boost your physical, mental and emotional well-being! Recently, in a candid conversation, Aditi shared about her experience with our amazing state winners, her methodology, etc. Excerpt:

How would you describe your first experience with MIO and state winners? Femina Miss India 2022?
It was a great experience! The girls are extremely excited and ambitious to achieve their goals and I feel that is the first key of any performer.

To be able to coach these girls and build their mental fitness has been the simplest and most seamless experience for me. It was an instant connection for me, as I could see the eagerness to do better. They implemented many lessons and also asked questions which is always great for a coach! My first collaboration with Miss India was amazing, and I can’t wait to meet the girls in the finale.

While Miss India every year brings together pageant participants from across the country, giving them the biggest platform ever to represent themselves and their country, their experience How to train these lovely women with different aspects of life?
Although these girls come from different backgrounds and upbringings, they all have one thing in common – the commitment and dedication to being a contest winner. It’s really helpful to have diverse backgrounds as they learn from each other.

There is always value in diversity. You learn faster when you see someone ahead of you on the same learning curve. It brings more focus, resilience, and discipline. Although the preparation time for Femina Miss India was a highly competitive space, it was through these mental training sessions that the girls connected with each other.

Can you shed some light on the methods you used to train this year’s litter? How does this training beat mental stress and depression?
Performance Anxiety can be crippling in such competitions. However, any anxiety is a pattern. It always has a trigger-reaction loop. Miss India Femina’s mental training sessions are designed to train girls to stay calm and cool under pressure.

In the offline sessions, we have included:

one. ‘The stroke calms down, allowing them to calm down in the face of stress and pressure. This is a technique that is controlled by the body’s movements and allows the mind to control their reactions.

b. Interactive games to build relationships and connections

c. Guided Meditation

d. Daily spiritually matched podcast episodes to slowly build a high-performance mindset

e. Mental Workout Set – Exclusively designed for 31 participants

f. Breathing technique

With only a few hours left for the state winners to give their best at the finale, what advice would you give them?
They have been extremely hard-working and committed to their goals all this time and have pushed themselves beyond their means. My advice to them is – Be as calm as you can, enjoy the process, take advantage of the moment and let the magic of the event take over. Use breathing and calming techniques any time they feel stressed or anxious.

Thank you, Aditi Surana, for being the best coach they could have been to help them move towards their goals with full positivity! The grand finale of the prestigious national pageant will be held in a few hours, so stay tuned for timely updates as we introduce the new queen!

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