Alleged marching gunman Robert “Bobby” Crimo disguises himself in girls’s clothes, runs to his mom’s dwelling

The Illinois man is accused of shooting dead seven people and injuring dozens more at a July 4 parade, threatening to “kill everyone” in his family, according to authorities. his family nearly three years ago, according to authorities.

Alleged mass shooting Robert “Bobby” Crimo, 21 years old, took a cold oath in September 2019, Dep. Sheriff Christopher Covelli, a spokesman for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, said at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

A relative called police at the time, telling officers that Crimo had “a collection of knives,” Covelli said. Police seized 16 knives, a dagger and a sword from Crimo’s home, where he lives with his parents and siblings. According to Covelli, there was not enough probable cause to arrest Crimo for the threat and no complaint was filed, according to Covelli, who said the Highland Park Police Department “immediately notified State Police Illinois on the incident.”

“The threat targeted the family inside the house,” Covelli said.

He noted that Crimo was previously brought to the attention of authorities in April 2019, when an unnamed individual “contacted [the] Highland Park Police Department a week after learning of Mr. Crimo’s intention to commit suicide.

“The matter was being handled by mental health professionals at the time,” he explained. “No law enforcement action has been taken. It’s a mental health issue and is handled by those professionals. “

Police said Crimo dressed up as a woman to disguise herself during Monday’s rampage. He “does this to conceal the tattoos on his face and identity, and to help him in his escape with … others who are fleeing the chaos,” according to Covelli.

Guns used in Highland Park 4th of July Parade was legally purchased in Illinois by Crimo, who had been planning the attack for “several weeks,” according to Covelli. After the massacre, he joined the crowd and ran back to his mother’s home, he added. Police believe Crimo fired more than 70 bullets at innocent spectators who were there to enjoy the day, Covelli said.

“My boyfriend gave me this boy and said he was underneath this father who was shot in the leg,” one marcher told The Daily Beast. “They were trying to stop the bleeding so I took him down to the garage downstairs.”

Crimo’s disguise is said to include a dress and a long wig, which can be seen in a photo obtained by Chicago news agency WGN Investigates.

On Tuesday morning, Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering used an interview on NBC’s Today to reflect on the horrifying carnage in her quiet Chicago suburbs. Highland Park has an assault weapons ban in effect since 2013. Illinois does not have a statewide assault weapons ban. but there is a mandatory background checkbans domestic abusers and stalkers from buying guns, and bans people from bringing guns into schools, bars, and at protests. According to the gun safety nonprofit EverytownIllinois gun laws are the sixth strictest in the United States after Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Hawaii and California — where 37 percent lower gun mortality compared to the national average.

“I don’t know where the gun came from, but I know it was bought legally,” Rotering said. “I think at some point this country needs to have a conversation about the weekly events regarding the murder of dozens of people with legally obtained firearms. If that’s what our law represents, we need to re-examine the law.”

Authorities have yet to release the exact make of the gun or where and when it was purchased, but Covelli describes it as “similar to an AR-15.” It was left on the terrace that the gunman used as a sniper’s nest, shooting indiscriminately at a crowd of families enjoying the parade. The Highland Park Police Department did not respond to The Daily Beast’s request Tuesday morning for more information about the weapons purchase.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sergeant Major Sgt. Delilah Garcia of the Illinois State Police said all gun owners in the state are required to apply for a FOID, or Gun Owner Identification card. As for how Crimo was able to legally obtain a firearm after two troublesome incidents, Garcia explained that when Highland Park police informed the State Police of the event, there was no FOID card “or anything like that.” anything to withdraw or review”.

When asked if there was some mechanism to prevent someone like Crimo from getting a FOID card later, Garcia replied: “Well, basically at the time – he didn’t have a pending application. So there was nothing to review at the time when we received that notice. We don’t know what else will happen in a few months. “

According to Garcia, if police learn of Crimo’s violent social media posts, they will “fully” investigate.

“Law enforcement will do everything they can to make sure the community is kept safe, but if we don’t know about it, it’s very difficult for us to investigate,” she said.

NBC 5 reported that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms used DNA collected from a rifle found at the scene of the attack to identify Crimo. In addition to the ATF, Covelli said the Highland Park PD, the Lake County Main Crime Task Force, the Illinois State Police and the FBI are also assisting with the investigation.

Local law enforcement arrested Crimo after a brief chase Monday night, after a police officer spotted his silver Honda Fit.

“There is no indication that anyone else was involved in this attack,” Covelli said Tuesday. “By all indications, it appears that Crimo has acted on his own.”

Disruptive videos posted on local Illinois social media channels — where Crimo uses the alias Awake the Rapper — are rife with violent imagery and mass shooting fantasy, including animations in There was a gunman who was killed by the police.

Like The Daily Beast reportsCrimo last year posted a video on his personal blog showing Central Avenue in Highland Park — the main lifeline of yesterday’s parade route.

Another mentioned John F. Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Crimo also posted a video on an online message board of a person being beheaded.

Crimo is a professional wrestling fan and video game player, his social media footprint shows. His exact political affiliations remain unclear – he shared snaps of himself wearing a Trump flag at one of the former president’s rallies but also liked posts featuring President Joe Biden .

Much of Crimo’s social media presence consists of a logo that closely resembles the one used by Suomen Sisu, a far-right Finnish organization that “seek to protect Finnish culture [and] traditional. ” (Other The Finns have described the group as However, Crimo does not mention Suomen Sisu by name in his posts. He was also the admin of a Discord channel called “SS” which has since been taken down.

On Tuesday, Covelli said investigators were “looking into” Crimo’s online activities to “see what they reveal.”

Mark Heymann, 22, told The Daily Beast that he grew up with Crimo – and they were on the Cub Scouts together in elementary school – but “can’t say he knows him too well”.

“He is a year younger than me. I know who he is and I know his name,” Heymann said, adding that although Crimo wasn’t his friend, he knew “something was wrong, something was wrong about him. it”.

“I don’t remember him being in any particular group of friends in high school, but he was definitely a loner,” he added.

Over the past 24 hours, detectives have spoken to “several witnesses” and analyzed “a lot of video clips, both from cell phone and fixed camera recordings in the area,” according to Covelli.

But authorities appear to have yet to determine a motive, Covelli told reporters that police “have no indication at this time that it is motivated by race, motivated by religion.” teacher”.

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