Amazon Prime’s Suggestions of the Day to Discover the Finest Offers (2022): Suggestions, Worth Checker, Extensions

Lid with WIRE good legit transaction all year, including on Official Days. Our tips below will help you find those great discounts on your own.

How do I know if a trade is good?

ABC: Always check (ie price). Researching the price of an item is the most important aspect of determining the quality of a sale. Don’t fall prey to deceptive marketing language and inflated MSRP prices — our tips only take minutes. The easiest step is to take a second to Google the items you’re considering so you can see prices across multiple stores.

One tool we like to use is Camelcamelcamel, which tracks Amazon’s prices over time. Simply paste the Amazon or ASIN link (found in the Product Information section of the Amazon product page) into the Camelcamelcamel search bar and you’ll be able to see an item’s lowest recorded price, average, and the frequency of price movements. Some transactions, such as Lightning Transactions, are excluded from the pricing history, but it is still useful to see what an item has sold for in the past.

We also really like Keepa, there is an extension (available for many browsers) that displays recent price history of products directly on the Amazon site so you never have to open a new tab. Other great tools are honeythis can save you money through promotional codes but also track price history at different retailers across the web and Octoshopcan quickly show you the price of a product across multiple retailers.

Keep in mind that these services may not be available all the time. But is it possible to see the price of a product just before it starts selling (and whether the MSRP can happened to increase) can be very helpful. Putting these tools together can help you deduce whether a trade is worth your money.

WIRED always physically checks transactions to determine their quality. You can check ours ongoing trading range to find the best deals available — on Official Day and year-round.

What is a flash deal?

Lightning transactions are limited-time transactions that Amazon only runs for a few hours each. They’re not limited to Official Day, but they’re especially popular during big sale events. When an item sells out, you can join the waitlist, but not always.

To put it bluntly, the Flash Deal option often has a lot of attractive purchases, such as makeup and skin care products or toys. Prime members can browse upcoming deals on Amazon’s website and in the mobile app. The app can also warn you before Flash Trading starts.

How do I make sure a deal won’t sell out?

It’s disappointing when an item is out of stock. If you know the trade start time, make sure to actively pay attention to the product page around the start time. You can also add an item to your cart before the sale starts, so you can refresh the page to buy it right away.

It’s smart to create accounts at trusted retailers so you can save your credit card information and shipping details ahead of time. This will make the checkout process as fast as possible. That’s also a good idea clear your web browser’s cache before you start shopping during sales events like Prime Day. Just make sure to log back into those retailers afterwards.

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