Amber Heard’s attorneys go to court docket as soon as 15 in an try and get Johnny Depp’s sentence glitched

Technically, the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial may be over, but with each passing day, it’s becoming more and more obvious that we haven’t even reached a legal resolution. On Friday, Heard’s attorneys filed a 43-page petition in an effort to ask the court to overturn a more than ten million dollar judgment against their client. The filing gave a range of different reasons they felt the verdict should be dropped, including problems with the 15 Jury.

We don’t know who Juror 15 is. His identity is legally protected, but according to Heard’s legal team, his inclusion on the jury may have “damaged” her proceedings. That’s because, they assert, his age was incorrectly reported on the jury list. He is clearly identified as born in 1945, but he looks much younger and seems, by their estimates, to have actually been born decades later. They want to investigate whether he actually received a summons to appear and want to see if he was properly examined by the court. Here is a quote from the application for each Law & Crime

The court should investigate whether a jury of 15 served the jury appropriately. In the list of jurors sent to attorneys prior to sentencing, the Court noted that the individual later designated as jury 15 had a birth year of 1945. However, jury 15 was clearly born after 1945. Public information proves that he appears to have been born in 1970. This discrepancy raises the question of whether juror number 15 actually received a summons to jury duty and was The court examines whether it is reasonable to serve a jury or not.

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