Apple On-line Retailer is now closed within the US, particulars are unclear

Apple’s Online Store is currently down for US customers with a placeholder saying the company is “updating” its website. However, the reasoning behind this is unclear at this point.

Update: The site is back online – and Apple is now making it available $50 gift card for new Apple TV buyers. You can read the original article below.

Apple did not provide details on these updates coming to the Apple Online Store, but one reason could be the start of M2 MacBook Air pre-orders. The company often takes its website offline before offering new products for sale. Interestingly, the new product launch usually takes place on a Friday.

The new one MacBook Air M2 was announced at WWDC 2022 in June, but Apple says it will roll out stores in July. recent report claims that sales of the new-generation MacBook Air are slated to begin July 15, but pre-orders are likely to go live before that time. New 13-inch MacBook Pro, also equipped with M2 chip, went to the store last week.

There are no rumors of other new products coming in the near future. As noted by a 9to5Mac reader, the Apple Online Store went offline last year a week before the pre-orders of the new M1 iPad Pro. Of course, these updates to the Apple Online Store may also be internal improvements to the site, not new products. We’ll only know for sure once the site is back online.

It should be noted that, currently, only US online Apple Store is decreasing. In other countries, customers can still access the Apple Store through the official website and app. You can visit the Apple Store here once it comes back.

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