Arthritis: 4 easy workouts at residence to assist relieve joint ache – skilled

The NHS recommends a range of lifestyle choices to make living with arthritis easier. These include eating a varied diet from all the food groups and maintaining a healthy weight to reduce pressure on joints. It also encourages exercise to reduce and prevent pain.

A personal trainer shared his top four exercises with that you can do at home to help.

Chris Ruxton from Mitigation provide the exercise plan below.

Tension on all sides

For knee pain, try a quadricep stretch.

Hold the table firmly with one hand, lift the ankle with the other hand, and gently pull the foot back toward the bottom.

Always push your hips forward to create a stretch in the front of the quadriceps (thighs).

Neck strain

Cracked and stiff neck joints are common, especially if you work on a PC or laptop for long periods of time.


Try this neck stretch to loosen up your neck joints.

In a sitting or standing position, lower your chin to your chest, hold and then tilt your right ear to your right shoulder without hunching your shoulder up.

Hold and then lower your chin to your chest, hold and tilt your left ear to your left shoulder.

Repeat four to six times daily, especially when using a PC or laptop for long periods of time.

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Rag doll

For lower back pain, try rags dolls.

Starting from a standing position, bend your knees slightly and slowly bend forward, facing your knees. Now squeeze each elbow and relax.

You can hold still for a minute or sway gently from side to side, relaxing as much as you can. Slowly roll back to standing position. This is a great morning stretch to relieve tension.

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