Attempt these 5 simple workout routines for this summer season

It’s officially summer, which means to fight all the late dinners and stay in shape, it’s a must to get moving. We know the struggle to motivate ourselves to exercise in the summer but a little bit of movement with some easy exercises will keep carbs low. Whether you want to work your abs, legs, back or arms, we have arranged for you some easy exercises.

Synthesized from Healthy Living, you can choose an exercise that works best for you and dedicate an hour of your day to your mental and physical health.


Let’s start with something a little more fun. For now, summer is the time to spend at the beach or by the pool, so while you’re at it, incorporate a 30-minute swim routine. This is a form of cardio that works your entire body, from your legs, upper body, and core to your triceps. Certain strokes like dolphin kicks or scale kicks strengthen the core, and swimming is also extremely beneficial for the lungs.


Another form of high-intensity cardio, running is the best way to lose body fat. Summer evenings are the best time to run in the park. You can alternate between walking and jogging for 5 kilometers or more intense workouts, you can alternate between a 1-minute jog routine and a 30-second walk. It’s also a great way to maintain your 10,000 steps daily, and there’s no better feeling than a runner.

Join a gym

If you want to take a different approach, exercising indoors is also enough! Since it’s summer, you have more time to yourself, so take advantage of it and join a gym. The gym offers a wide variety of exercises and machines that focus on specific body parts, and so you can customize an exercise that’s right for you to achieve the body you want. You can even include weight training or different styles of exercise like CrossFit to change things up from a regular treadmill and tone your body.


For something more power-packed than cardio, pilates is a great alternative. It focuses on strengthening the body’s muscles, with an emphasis on core strength. Since it’s low-impact, it’s also great for building lean muscle or improving your posture. You can even choose between different types of pilates like carpet Pilates or modern pilates depending on which is right for you. Pilates is a great way to tone your body, especially if you do it daily, so if you’re looking for a quick way to tone up before your vacation, pilates is the friend. Your best.

Join a sport

Summer is also the time to spend with your friends and there is nothing more motivating than going to the gym with a friend. We strongly recommend taking up a sport to integrate into your daily routine, such as football or tennis. Sports like soccer are a great way to stay active and move your body and they also teach you a number of skills. With an added benefit, it’s something you can do with your friends, which also makes it a very fun activity.

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