Battlefield Firm attacked for fraud on single participant video games

Mass Effect's Garrus stared off into the distance with a tired and dazed expression.

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It’s been a while since Electronic Arts has been the villain of video games at the present time, but on Thursday, FIFA publishing company sucked up all the oxygen in the room thanks to a bad story made even worse by the company’s horror history. If there is a big corporation about games out there, the people who shouldn’t be taking normal shots at single player games, it’s the people who have a track record of shutting down the studios that make them and jamming multiplayer releases with full microtransactions and loot boxes.

“They’re 10 years old but they just love playing single player games,” EA posted at 7:33 p.m. It’s a play on meme first appeared on TikTok in early June and disappeared on Twitter last weekend. It also quickly invites a heap of scorn. “It is understandable that you are not familiar with the concept of 10s,” answered Forbes‘Paul Tassi. “You’ve done anthem. Just tell one truth here,” answered the Washington PostGene’s Park.

EA’s first post garnered over 9,000 comments and 11,000 tweet quotes. Some point out that single-player games are some of EA’s most popular and acclaimed, like The Sims and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Vince Zampella remake boss, currently supervising Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, simply react to the post with a palm emoji. Hours later, the mining company. “Roast is well-deserved,” it Written. “We’re going to take this L because playing single-player games really makes them 11.”

But EA’s fake social media promotion is more than just a shoddy branding. It’s stressful because of the publisher’s unique vetting history of staying tight and burning through every way to recognize revenue. In 2012, the company earned $4.1 billion. Last year, it made nearly $7 billion. This growth was mainly achieved by doubling down on multiplayer live service games like FIFA, Maddenand Apex Legends, and find new ways to monetize them through sophisticated microtransaction shops, seasonal tickets, and inventory.

At the same time, EA is also bold in investing in new studios only for later close them and cancel their ambitious but risky projects in the process. The most scandalous example of this is the Visceral Games. Formerly EA Redwood, the critically acclaimed studio Dead space series, only to later find it scrapped when it failed to meet sales expectations after getting bogged down in multiplayer and microtransactions. Visceral then started working on a single player Star Wars game with Not discovered yet writer Amy Hennig called
Project Ragtag, but Visceral is Shutdown instead in 2017 and Ragtag has been canceled.

Ragtag struggled from the start, but the shutdown and cancellation also became a lightning rod for frustration over EA’s pivot to online games through which it could make a lot of money and coins. for players.

EA, of course, has denied this.

“You may have heard the conversation around single-player multiplayer or single-player with live service, and this is not about that conversation,” said CEO Andrew Wilson. tell investors Shortly after. “This isn’t about a single-player game or it needs to be a live service, it’s about how we get to a point where the overall gaming experience is tailored to the player. play.”

A few weeks later, EA released Star Wars: Battlefront II with pay-to-win box.

The backlash then led to regulatory scrutiny and eventually the removal of exploit mechanics from many games, including Battlefront II. Notably, though, one of the remaining foundations of the loot boxes is EA’s FIFAwhere they contribute billions The company grows every year from its online sports modes.

The company’s pursuit of new ways to squeeze money out of its game has also resulted in anthembeloved single-player RPG powerhouse BioWare’s tragic attempt to successfully replicate Bungie’s live service with Fate 2. The original multiplayer mechanics are being pushed forward in the near future Dragon Age: Dreadwolf same, until anthemfailure convince the company to continue. (BioWare remains the exception to EA’s closure of previous RPG makers like Mythic, Bullfrog, and Origin.)

“We are sure that the presidents of banks, oil and gas companies, tobacco and arms companies are all relieved that they are not on this year’s list,” said EA spokesman John Reseburg. speak The first year it was crowned the worst company in America. After the second, in 2013, EA stepped back from the The Sims 4 an online only game.

All the major video game publishers have a negative reputation for something, even beyond the accusations of sexism, misconduct at workand brutal overtime. Activision Blizzard finds attacks and then sends them to the ground. Every Ubisoft game feels the same. Square Enix is ​​eternal disappointed. With EA, it’s the feeling that the company wants to trap you in an online casino rather than create a game, sell it to you, and move on with life. Hardly the only company accused of it anymore, but others don’t try to post cute memes about it.

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