Bette Midler sparks backlash over ‘anti-trans’ tweet – as JK Rowling backs Macy Grey’s ‘bigoted’ feedback | Information about Ant-Man & Artwork

Bette Midler sparked a backlash after saying transgender women were being stripped of their basic rights, while JK Rowling appeared to support singer Macy Gray’s “cross-cutting” comments .

Transgender people are people with a sense of personal identity and gender that corresponds to their sex at birth.

The Hollywood star tweeted: “WOMEN OF THE WORLD! We are being stripped of our rights to our bodies, our lives and even our names!

“They don’t call us ‘women’ anymore; they call us ‘birthers’ or ‘menstruating’, and even ‘vaginal people’! Don’t let them erase it! You! Everyone on earth owes you!”

A prolific tweeter, with over two million followers, MidlerHer affection has led to a backlash on social media, with some fans telling her to “do better”.

One Twitter user wrote: “This is bad practice, Bette!!! Not all women have vaginas and not all people with vaginas are women!!

The Queen pulls Irish and activist Panti Bliss urges: “No. Don’t make excuses for nonsense about anti-transgender panic. Nobody erases women. In some healthcare cases. small, if appropriate, they’re using language that includes transgender people. That’s it.”

While another fan said: “It’s because it’s not just women who menstruate, give birth or have a vagina. Transgender men do all these things, and so do non-binary people. I love you so much, Bette, but you have to do better here.”

In a nod to the recent repeal of abortion rights in the US, one Twitter user wrote: “Transgenders have failed to overturn Roe V Wade. Transgender people tend to be one of the few. The most supportively selected group of people you’ll ever meet, like Body autonomy in medical care is the kind of thing that’s important to survival throughout. They’re not your enemy.”

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Actress Bette Midler dressed up as... herself - when she played Winifred Sanderson in Disney's 1993 film Hocus Pocus
Bette Midler dressed up as… herself – as she played Winifred Sanderson in the 1993 Disney film Hocus Pocus

Another called the actress, saying: “Bette you started your career in the bathhouse and like the first Prides… you better know this tweet introduces transgender people without reason. do.”

However, others were amused by Midler’s message, with one person simply writing “Amen!” and another post: “Now THIS is the 4th of July message I can really rally around!”

Macy Gray begins to argue…

Meanwhile, musician Macy Gray sparked similar controversy earlier in the week, after discussing conversion rights with Piers Morgan on his Talk TV show Uncensored.

When asked about the subject, Gray told Morgan: “I’ll say this and people will hate me, but as a woman, just because you change [body] parts, don’t make you a woman, sorry. “

Many fans shared their frustrations over Gray’s views on social media, with one Twitter user writing: “Macy Gray has a right to his opinion. It’s stupid, bigoted, Transphobic, old-fashioned and uneducated, but she has a right to it.”

But others have spoken out in defense of the singer amid the backlash, including Morgan, who tweeted: “Macy Gray has, as she predicted, been abused, hunted, shamed, branded ‘guardian’ by the evil, evil mob that often attack women defending women’s rights.”

… And JK Rowling too

Harry Potter Author JK Rowlingwho is no stranger to the gender debate, tweeted in support of the singer’s comments, writing: “Today feels like a good day to make sure I bought the entire back catalog of @MacyGraysLife.”

The outcry is reminiscent of Rowling’s 2020 tweet in which she defined women as “menstrual people,” sparking heated debate and accusations of anti-transgender sentiment.

Midler, who is known for his roles in films including Hocus Pocus and Beaches, has also previously stunned social media with seemingly insensitive comments.

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She previously apologized for a now-deleted tweet in which she wrote about Caitlyn Jenner using her former name, asking if she would go back in time and remarry Kardashian’s wife Kris Jenner.

At the time, she admitted she had “misunderstood the temperament of the times”.

Midler has yet to respond to her latest Twitter outcry.

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