Bobby Crimo III was charged with homicide; Seven useless in Highland Park mass capturing

CHICAGO (CBS) – The suspect in Monday’s deadly Highland Park shooting threatened to “kill everyone” with a knife and sword in 2019, which raises questions about how Crimo was able to get the FOID card in. 2020.

CBS 2 investigator Megan Hickey dug into that part of the investigation.

Highland Park gunman receives FOID card despite previous police encounters


Authorities said the suspect was armed with two high-powered rifles that day; one was found at the scene, and the second was discovered in his mother’s borrowed car which he was driving when he was arrested.

Police also recovered at least three other firearms from his home in Highwood, including a shotgun and possibly a shotgun.

All of those guns were purchased legally in the Chicagoland area, according to investigators.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office says Bobby Crimo has had a valid FOID card since 2020, which could make him around 18 or 19 years old – the earliest you can apply for a FOID card in the state of Illinois.

In 2019, police said a family member reported Crimo exhibiting behavioral involvement.

“Crimo said he would kill everyone and Crimo has a collection of knives. The police replied about his whereabouts. Police removed 16 knives, a dagger and a sword from At the time, there was no good reason to arrest Chris Covelli, a spokesman for the Lake County Main Crime Task Force, said.

But the Illinois State Police were notified of that incident. When asked how Crimo was still able to successfully register the FOID card – here is the answer from the ISP.

“He didn’t have a pending application (at the time of the 2019 incident) so there was nothing to look at at the time when we received that notice. We don’t know a few months. after what else will happen,” Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Delilah Garcia

Investigators said the large-capacity rifle recovered at the scene fired “high-speed ammunition,” similar to the AR-15. Police on Tuesday said about 45 people were shot, including seven who died.

The City of Highland Park enacted an assault rifle ban in 2013, which has been legally challenged – all the way up to the US Supreme Court, which ultimately upheld the case’s adjudication, for allow this ban to be maintained.

“If a ban on semi-automatic guns and high-volume magazines reduces the perceived risk from a mass shooting and makes the public feel safer therefore, that is a significant benefit,” the judge said. decision of the Supreme Court stated.

The ban stipulates “owning or possessing an offensive weapon” in the city, but it doesn’t say anything about the regulation or anything about people bringing guns from outside cities – like Highwood. , where Crimo lives.

The ban carries a penalty of up to six months in prison or a fine for breaking the ordinance.

There are still many questions about how the shooter was able to transport weapons to the parade route unnoticed.

Investigators say the woman’s clothes he was wearing may have helped him hide it, but they are still chipping away at those details.

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