Bradley Beal simply acquired the $251 million participation trophy

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We should all be lucky one day to be able to live in the wonderland of confidence. After Sign the richest contract in Washington Wizards historyBradley Beal has all the money needed to build an estate – maybe four – in that dreamy paradise.

Beal thinks he can win in Washington. And he believes he can build a championship team here, one that will presumably be next to his mansion built on sci-fi dreams and puppy kisses. If we believe his own words, which he has repeated time and time again, that is the only reason why Beal decided to sign with the Wizards for a maximum amount of 251 million dollars in 5 years.

“The money is amazing. It is true that when we grow up playing games, we play games to make a lot of money. We played the game to take care of our family,” Beal told NBA player Draymond Green recently. “But that also comes with, when you make that money, you want to win the ball games. You want to be able to play for something, right? I want to play in meaningful games, right? I want to play at the end of June. That’s what I want.”

Bradley Beal signs up to 5 year contract with Wizards

You’ve got it: Pre-order your 2023 Wizards Eastern Conference finalists hats, t-shirts, and memorabilia in The Washington Post. While the rest of us are broke still sadly tied to reality, and so check out The Wizards for what they are – an overly average franchise, loss becomes legend – Beal envisions greatness.

With all $251 million in buyable illusions, Beal convinced himself that his best chance of winning would come from staying here. In DC, where he has never played outside of a conference semifinal. Where he had to average 31.3 points per night because of the discomfort of losing five games in the opening round of the 2021 knockout rounds. And where the franchise decision-makers plunged into the dark. into another long-term contract. They should remember: Those things don’t work so well around here.

In 2008, the Wizards gave Gilbert Arenas $111 million in six yearsand words like “disaster“…”bomb” … and “what the hell?!“The best things that come to mind about that deal. Arenas only appear in 55 more games for Washington, and his gunfight practice with Javaris Crittenton leading to Washington managing for the next few years.

In 2017, after John Wall became an all-NBA team, the team rewarded him with 170 million dollar extension. He hasn’t completed a full season since. Feel generous, Wizards majority owner Ted Leonsis offered another max deal that summerThis time it’s Otto Porter Jr. The following year, he averaged 14.7 points, a career-high at the time, but he also became the best commercial asset in Washington’s emergency pay cut following the change trauma. Wall’s franchise.

An NBA contract should honor previous service and, judging by the individual work done by Arenas, then Wall, Porter and now Beal – who pocketed the maximum number of contracts in 10 years with the team that drafted him – all in his pocket. However, none of these anointed franchise stars have gotten the Wizards off the hook of late lottery purgatory and into as much as a conference finale. The team stands alone in the NBA with longest active drought since doing that round.

But, $251 million whispers to Beal that that’s about to change. Though the evidence from the recent past screams otherwise.

The Beal era in DC began to fade as Wall’s eroded. Over the years, the young duo have formed a dynamic backline that teases with great abilities. They thought they might be candidates, but broke their bones, got eliminated in the second round and a very close loss in game 7 bring them back to reality.

Their dynamics suddenly changed in late December 2018, when Wall Departure to the surgeon’s desk to overcome the problem of promoting bone elongation. Because fate didn’t want the Wizards to have good things, in early 2019 he added to that injury by slipping in his home bathroom and break his left Achilles’. Injuries and rehabilitation ensured he would miss the entirety of 2019-20. Then, before the start of the abridged 2020-21 season, the Wizards settle Wall to Houston for the right to have the statistics chasing Russell Westbrook in a Washington shirt for a season.

All the while, Beal became the new and undisputed face of the franchise. He’s already an almighty star, an all-NBA player and even a top scorer in the league. Everything but one winner.

Thanks to my colleague Neil Greenberg, we can see how the years have passed. With Beal as the face of Monumental Basketball, the team has a 43.4 win rate in the games he appears in – this would give Washington the eighth-worst percentage in the league in about that time. In the 203 games Beal has played – he missed more than half of last season with a wrist injury – the Wizards have been trailed by an average of 2.2 points per game, almost indistinguishable by a negative margin. 3.7 points per game when he is inactive.

Here, and only here, 88 wins with 115 losses deserved a $251 million attendance title.

Of course, Beal is not the one to blame for all of the Ls. One can only do so much with a rotation of the big guys who play as the starting center and a bunch of younger wings whose growth arcs don’t match the global ascent. His NBA. That side record since Beal took over points to the franchise’s biggest disadvantage: No top free agent wants to play in Washington.

Beal knows that. He admitted a lot in his time podcast tour this season, openly lamenting the team’s inability to attract all-star teammates.

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“It’s hard to get free agents here for whatever reason,” Beal told Taylor Rooks last month. “That’s the kind of thing that has always been Achilles’ heel here. We had to more or less draft and build on that draft and develop our people. And it was difficult.”

However, he stayed anyway.

Elsewhere, a franchise player who chooses loyalty will garner a fan base. Here, one waterfall of suffering Follow up in the comments.

That’s both predictable and sad, because Beal has become as good a corporate employee as any group or community could ever wish for. He organized local camps, mentored young black boys, finally vaccinated and helped funding the renovation of the city’s basketball courts. Then again, his benevolent smile, his philanthropist’s heart, and his leaps and bounds didn’t pull the franchise near enough to be relevant.

However, Beal’s dreams may extend beyond Capital One Arena, and his new money should help. A few years ago, Beal was said to have tried partnered with Alex Rodriguez to buy the New York Mets. Beal wants to sit at the table sat by billionaires. That could be his legacy – the first player in the business. And the next time a major League Baseball team is up for sale, Beal will likely be in the bidding. He has that currency.

Meanwhile, since Beal stated he wants to win, we believe next season things will be different. Maybe he knows something the rest of us don’t – that the NBA plans to knock Boston, Miami, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Atlanta and Chicago into the 2022-23 season, thus opening out the door for a race of Wizards conference finals. Or maybe, Beal is simply seeing the world through a $251 million stained glass. All those dollar signs can make you see anything you want.

Money can’t buy more wins for Beal, but it can certainly buy him a miracle.

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