Menopause: Learn how to do away with stomach fats – 3 ‘efficient’ workouts to ‘tune your stomach’

As women go through menopause, the shape of their bodies can change due to hormone regulation. A personal trainer has revealed three exercises that can be done at home, which can help to melt away the ‘pregnancy belly’. “We’re talking about menopause, and something more specific, called the belly button,” explains Ranvir Singh, who is … Read more

Passive train provides the identical mind well being advantages as lively train

Summary: Passive exercise increases cerebral blood flow and improves executive function, providing the same cognitive benefits as more active exercise. Source: University of Western Ontario A new study of kinesiology graduate students from the West has found that passive exercise leads to increased cerebral blood flow and improved executive function, providing the same cognitive benefits … Read more

38% low cost for Powerblock Professional

Cardiology sorry, but strength training is the backbone of every effective and productive workout. A few biceps curls, side crunches, and shoulder presses can not only build muscle but also they can too improve your metabolism, enhance your flexibility, and lower your blood pressure. The only thing you need to do is choose a great … Read more

Jane Fonda proves she’s nonetheless a health icon at 84 in mega trend marketing campaign

Long before Instagram was flooded with personal trainers and sportswear dominated fashion, Jane Fonda sparked a home exercise revolution and became the original fitness icon. Released in 1982, Jane Fonda’s Workout was the best-selling VHS video for years – with 17 million copies sold by the mid-90s. The series is said to have opened up … Read more

This five-minute exercise helps construct your pectoral muscle mass and improves higher physique energy

You should include chest exercises in your upper body. The pectoral muscles help stabilize your shoulder joint and are also connected to your ribs, playing an important role in breathing. Luckily, this five-minute workout shows you how effectively you can do your next chest workout. Some Best chest workout at home includes the traditional push-up, … Read more

Query about 64 . energy

Question: How do over-50s improve their lower body if squats are heavy and deadlifts are no longer an option due to injury? It is difficult to answer without knowing exactly what those injuries are. But if squats and deads are all you can’t do, and you can still do leg presses, hack squats, shake squats, … Read more