Claudio steals present in bloody, violent Blood & Guts

AEW’s second Blood & Guts match is the main event of June 29 Dynamite from Detroit.

The crowd boils as Jim Ross steps in to call to action with Excalibur & Tazz. He was joined by William Regal of Blackpool Combat Club, when his group started joining after the Jericho Appreciation Society debuted in their latest Clockwork Orange boy band meetup.

Sammy Guevara starts for JAS, opposite newly signed Claudio Castagnoli. When Jake Hager joined, we had a confrontation between former Zeb Colter clients (and yes, there’s a “WE ARE HUMAN” song in Little Caesars Arena).

Daniel Garcia was the second in the ring to support his side, but he was the first to bleed. It comes after interim world champion Jon Moxley finished third for the good guys, and brought a fork.

Garcia was the first, but he wasn’t the last. Cool Hand Angelo Parker was a bloody mess after Mox introduced some grass clippings, and the champion’s private cut from Sunday was reopened. Santana carried a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire when he was fifth for the BCC team, Moxley had more supplies (some wooden skewers he drove into Daddy Magic Matt Menard’s forehead), and of course Chris Jericho had his own Floyd stick.

All the while, Eddie Kingston slowed down, waiting for his chance to strike Jericho. He stepped in last, signaling the official start of the match, and walked right behind the self-proclaimed Mage with his sword stick.

It’s the kind of frenzy you’d expect from a six-on-six, two-ring, one-cage match, won only by submission or surrender. The motherboard is exposed, the pins are everywhere. Conti’s hand reached out to the umpire to get the key to the cage, and Kingston & Moxley’s friend Ruby Soho ran in to get her out.

That allows action towards the roof of the structure. Guevara follows Jericho and Kingston there, and pays the price…

Castagnoli was next and delivered a giant, nauseating Ferris wheel to the JAS leader atop the cage.

The end came when Claudio and Eddie blocked the filing rights to Jericho and Menard, respectively. Kingston isn’t happy when his arch nemesis is exploited first by Daddy Magic…

… but it didn’t stop celebrating the victory in the six-man sports tournament. It is also not without cost. Kingston is talking to teammates about his back pain, but assures them he is “fine”. We expect the same thing to happen to Santana, who fell on delivery shortly after he walked in. He remained absent for the rest of the match (more on that here).

We’ll keep you informed on everyone’s status after this story and see what happens next for Claudio, Eddie and JAS.

Get the full results and details of everything that happened tonight Dynamite here.

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