DISCLAIMER: Koda CrossFit United Staff Disqualified from CrossFit Video games

Team Koda CrossFit United will be dropped from CrossFit Games 2022 after a team member failed his drug test on both Model A and B. Koda completed 4order at MACC and although it’s not official yet, the AB CrossFit team will fill the spot.

CrossFit announced recently that Toby Johnsonone of the team members of Koda CrossFit United, provided a sample containing the metabolite of GW1516 at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Competition on May 29order. The substance known to increase endurance is commonly known as Endurobol.

Although CrossFit HQ says the process is being appealed, an internal email from Johnson himself claims the group has been disqualified after his sample B confirmed traces of an illegal substance.

“I recently learned that the sample B test confirmed the results from the first sample,” he wrote. “So Koda United is out of CrossFit Games 2022 – all because of me.”

“After suffering a knee injury last year, I purposely took PED to speed up my recovery time and get back to playing as quickly as possible. I apologize for being dishonest about this – I was afraid of disappointing a lot of people, so I made excuses and didn’t have control over my actions,” he continued.

Check out the e-mail he wrote to Koda CrossFit United members below. The team finished 24order at the Games last year.

Koda CrossFit United disqualified; AB CrossFit should backfill

With Koda CrossFit United eliminated, the latter team will receive an invitation to fill the slot. And that team is AB CrossFit who finished 6order at MACC with only 10 points behind CrossFit Kilo II (5th placeorder).

4 athletes failed their drug test in the 2022 semi-finals

Toby Johnson is 4order athlete for whom CrossFit HQ made a statement about a failed drug test.

BOXROX explained before the situation of Jaylond Franklinfrom CrossFit Shooting Storm Squadron, and Williams Hunter, from CrossFit CLT. Both test positive for the same substance Toby Johnson – GW1516.

Fourth athlete who also failed his drug test and is in the process of appeal is Stephen Wallace. His team, Blues City Gold, ranked 7thorder at Syndicate Crown.

Why is this problem? Because CrossFit CLT also competed at Syndicate Crown and is on the verge of being eliminated. If that happens, Blues City Gold will be next on the waiting list to fill the invitation to the CrossFit Games 2022.

CrossFit Shoofly Storm Squadron finished 2nd at MACC and if the team has its invitation to the Olympics revoked, the 7th place team will fill in: CrossFit Westchase Red.

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