Evacuations ordered for Elmo Hearth

UPDATE 9:55 p.m. Aug. 1, 2022

“The fire is out and active.”

That’s what Lake County Sheriff Don Bell told MTN News Monday afternoon after the Elmo Fire broke out near Dayton.

The fire, which began Friday night and has burned thousands of acres north of Highway 28 between Elmo and Hot Springs, forced dozens of others to evacuate Monday, destroyed a structure and closed one. section of Highway 93.

Evacuation notices include the Lake Mary Ronan corridor and the Chief Cliff Residence near Black Lake Road. That area is in greatest danger, according to Bell.

“The houses that are in the fire line, where the fire is running, those people have all been evacuated,” he said.

Emergency shelters for evacuees have been established at Polson High School and Somers Middle School. You can call 800-272-6668 to request their service.

But it’s not just about evacuation. The rapidly rising smoke from the Elmo Fire forced officials to close the section of Highway 93 between Elmo and Dayton. Bell urged drivers to use Highway 35 east of Flathead Lake instead.

With winds fanning the flames, Team 7 Northern Rockies public information officer Sara Rouse said conditions had changed rapidly Monday.

“This afternoon, we’ve had some winds blowing from the west pushing the fire east and northeast compared to what we saw yesterday, and with those winds we can’t lift the flames.” his plane at the time, so it made this perfect climax for some pretty active flames.”

Fire crews are hitting the edge of the fire, Rouse said, using planes as the number of personnel working on the fires continues to grow.

“We had 293 people last night,” she said. “Again, there are more resources on offer throughout the day so that number should go up tomorrow morning.”

On Monday night, a flash of lightning in the Mission Mountains started a new fire.

CT Camel with the Fire Prevention Engineering Department told MTN that Red Horn Fire is high up on the Missions. While the flames are visible from St. Ignatius, it is about an acre in size and does not threaten any structures.

Camel, however, had a message for the public.

“We want people to be safe when they’re out there and make sure they’re safe when they’re outdoors and regenerative,” he said. “We’re in very high fire danger. Very close to extreme. We want everyone to be careful.”

UPDATE 6:13 pm Aug 1, 2022

The Montana Department of Transportation reports Highway 93 is closed from Elmo to Dayton due to fire activity in the area.

It is unclear how long the road closures will be in place.

Sheriff Don Bell told MTN News contributor Maritsa Georgiou that the fire was within 200 feet of Freeway 93.

The Red Cross established a shelter at Polson High School, 1712 2nd St. West.

Services are free.

People can also request Red Cross services by calling 800-272-6668.


UPDATE: 4:52pm – August 1, 2022
At approximately 2 p.m., Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 7 recommended evacuating the Lake Mary Ronan corridor to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

The team is working with the Montana Department of Transportation on pilot car use on Highway 93 from Elmo to Rollins due to poor visibility.

According to Lake County Sheriff Don Bell, the fire has broken out and is raging.

Elmo Fire Monday

Sean Wells

Fire Elmo

The new evacuations on Monday afternoon included the Mary Ronan Lake area – about 30 to 40 homes.

Sheriff Bell told MTN News Chief Cliff Estates was most at risk – about eight homes in the area were evacuated.

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UPDATE: 4:45pm – August 1, 2022

Lake County Sheriff Don Bell confirmed that they have closed Lake Mary Ronan Road and are conducting more evacuations to the Northeast of the fire.

Residents in this area are urged to evacuate.

UPDATE: 4:15pm – August 1, 2022

Lake County Sheriff Don Bell told MTN News contributor Maritsa Georgiou he is currently evacuating the Chief Cliff Estates from house to house.

He said the Elmo fire has diverged and is now burning very quickly to the east.

The Montana Department of Transportation reports that visitors may experience intermittent congestion until further notice between marker 77 and marker 81 on U.S. Route 93 near Dayton.

Fire Elmo

Rodney Sharkey

Fire Elmo

MDT says it’s not allowed to park along the highway to watch the fire. The roadway remains clear for emergency vehicles.

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ELMO- Evacuations were ordered for areas near the Elmo wildfire on Monday afternoon.

Evacuations were requested for the Black Lake Road to US Highway 93.

The Elmo fire that flared up Monday afternoon is moving east.

The Elmo Fire had grown to nearly 13,000 acres as it burned in the Elmo area. It started on Friday night.

Officials said the cause of the fire was under investigation.

This is an evolving story. Stay with KPAX for updates.

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