Fossil explains why the Put on OS 3 replace for its watches took a very long time to reach

Looks like the companion app experience belongs to OEMs

Wear OS 3 was announced at Google I/O Developer Conference May 2021but ban one some Samsung watches and the stupidly expensive Montblanc Summit 3, very few watches are actually running the update today. Fossil is one of the brands playing catch up right now, with some of their watches set to receive a major update later this year, and we already know that to prepare for that, the app Fossil Smartwatches are undergoing a complete overhaul.

Debuted last month with Fossil Gen 6 hybrid, the update was not well received and caused some negative feedback – it missed out on some features plus many customizations that the old app offered was removed. To sort things out, Fossil thought it best to give an explanation about why from the outset needed a major update to both the phone app and the watch UI through posted on Reddit (through the 9to5Google).


According to the brand, an overhaul will do a better job of supporting Wear OS 3 watches later this year and make it easier to implement the new responsiveness, thus easing the transition. Meanwhile, the old clock UI was deemed unintuitive at all with its messy combination of vertical and horizontal scrolling elements considered to require “too much learning”, so it had to go too. .

The post further reveals that Fossil is working closely with Google’s designers to help the app meet the requirements for the company’s entire connected watch inventory in the best possible way. According to Google, Wear OS 3 watches aren’t compatible with Wear OS apps, so brands have been rushing to update their own apps – Samsung has Galaxy WearableMontblanc is expected to have an app of its own and may even have one in the works for Google Pixel Watch.

Needless to say, the transition to Wear OS 3 was slow with all that Fossil had to juggle – between the software itself and its adoption for all products in the brand portfolio. your watch – but once the dust settles, Android users can finally enjoy a smartwatch experience tied to Android.

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