Friday’s PFTOT seems to be intently at subsequent steps within the Deshaun Watson case

Cleveland Browns Minicamp Required

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Maybe on Saturday, maybe on Sunday, the mood will make me write an article with my thoughts on where Deshaun Watson The disciplinary process begins here. Until then, you’ll have to watch the attached video to find out my assessment of what happened at the hearing and what could happen next.

My opinion is largely based on our report from Thursday, on information that was (and was not) made available at the three-day hearing. The idea that my source has an agenda or whatever, which someone seems to have suggested today, ignores three important facts: (1) I consider all agendas possible bias and prejudice before reporting anything; (2) I strive for accuracy, regardless of whether the source may incidentally be interested in the information reported; and (3) no narrative or agenda is meant to be a damn thing, because Judge Sue L. Robinson will ultimately determine the facts and then apply the Personal Conduct Policy for them.

I will share this important bit of information to better explain the context and motivation for Thursday’s report. Those close to the action about the action are VERY concerned about the potential public reaction to the discovery of little or no discipline for Watson. Honestly, it’s in everyone’s interest (Watson, Browns, league, team, union, and Judge Robinson) for the public to prepare for the very real possibility that Judge Robinson won’t apply the order. suspend anywhere close to that that the federation has attempted to secure.

Again, no problem. Judge Robinson will make the decision. But as explained in the attached video, facts will matter. What did the NFL prove? Then, how does the Personal Conduct Policy apply to those practices? That is something she alone will evaluate and decide.

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