GM constructed 95,000 automobiles it could not promote

Back in September 2021, GM was forced to Turn off manufacturing plants in North America due to a semiconductor chip shortage, assuming that the company will simply make more stock for their limited inventory space by continuing to manufacture more chips. This unfinished car. Some manufacturing plants, such as Arlington Assembly and Flint Assembly, have continued to produce vehicles despite the lack of semiconductors. Some other manufacturers, such as Ford and FCAhas been idling since January 2021.

In it income statement, sales of all GM-owned brands aren’t expected to slow down anytime soon, even though about 95,000 vehicles go unsold. GM noted in a SEC filing report From July 1, these cars will be completed in the second half of 2022, when semiconductors begin to flood back into the market. Here could happen sooneras reports from the end of April have stated the shortage is now due to transport logistics issues rather than silicon supply issues.

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