Google’s August 2022 Pixel Replace Coming Quickly

Latest security patches coming to your Pixel phone soon

Right now, Android fans everywhere are surprised with anticipation of the upcoming release Android 13. But before we get here, Google’s latest monthly updates for Pixel phones look like they’ll land on schedule, bringing security patches to the current Pixel line.

May have seen last month Google pushes back its updated distribution shortly in the context of the Independence holiday, but the company wasted no time in August, notice its updates as soon as we start the month.


The Pixel 4 and newer handsets are set to receive this new release, as we just expect a bunch of security patches. Nothing particularly noteworthy, but we’re still waiting for Google to publish its Pixel Community announcement post, which may shed more light on the content of the update. Likewise, we’re still waiting for Google to actually deliver the files needed to install this update, and when we do, the company’s archive of OTA update and factory pictures still have July as their most recent release (June in the case of the Pixel 6a).

That doesn’t help us much at the moment, but we’ll be sure to update this post with details on the Google Community announcement and news on those downloads as soon as they become available.

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