Group | [TCG] 20 . OTS Event Pack

She is about to kill all the dragons.

Elevate your game in 2022 with 20 . OTS Tournament Pack! The OTS Tournament Pack is not an item for sale and is offered EXCLUSIVELY to KONAMI Official Tournament Stores, so be sure to contact your local Official Tournament Store for details. details.

The OTS Tournament Pack rewards Duelists participating in the OTS tournament with the opportunity to receive cards useful for building Deck using newly introduced or improved strategies, as well as banknote upgrades . Also, the OTS Tournament Pack is the only way Duelists can get the Ultimate Rare card!

20 . OTS Tournament Pack introduces 3 new Ultimate Rare cards including Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries! This card plays an important role when you are facing a Duelist using the same strategy as you. Banish important monsters in the Extra Deck like Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon in style!

The 20 . OTS Tournament Pack set of 26 cards*:

13 Commons
10 super special ticket prices
The last 3 values

* Set mutable content

The set will be available on November 5, 2022.


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