Halsey Rewrites Their Will After Practically Dying In A number of Accidents: ‘Abortion Saved My Life’

Since they’ve been in the spotlight, Halsey has been a huge advocate for reproductive rights. Whether it is through their strong words or donations, Halsey want people to understand the integrity of the body. The songwriter recently wrote an open letter in Vogue their details traumatic miscarriage, how she was “ready for the worst” while pregnant with their son Ender, and how abortion in the end saved their lives.

Halsey also shared that they were so traumatized by their past life-threatening pregnancies that while they pregnant with Ender, they rewrote their will. “I prepared for the worst. I have detailed instructions on donating my organs if I die or am declared brain dead, meaning that if my heart beats but my brain doesn’t work, the state will allow cutting into hot flesh and still my flushed and took. my organs to save other lives”.

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“Mine abortion saved my life and made room for my son. Every person deserves the right to choose when, if and how they have this dangerous and life-changing experience,” they added. “I will hold my son in one arm, and fight with all my might with the other.”

They went into detail about their experience, noting that they had “aborted three pregnancies before my 24th birthday. It seems like a cruel irony that I could get pregnant easily but struggle to get pregnant.”

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They said, “One of my miscarriages required ‘aftercare’, an understatement that I needed to have an abortion because my body couldn’t completely terminate the pregnancy on its own and I would be at risk. chance of sepsis without medical intervention. In the process, I cried. I fear for myself and I am helpless. I was desperate to end my life-threatening pregnancy.”

In the open letter, they also restated their stance on abortion after Roe sues Wade was recently overturned. “Many people ask me if, since having a full-term baby, after years of struggling to do so, have I reconsidered my stance on abortion. The answer is definitely not. In fact, I have never felt stronger about it,” they said.

Halsey and their partner Alev Aydin welcomed them Ender Ridley’s son in July 2021.

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