Heatwave blistering suspected in 14 Oregon deaths | Oregon

Oregon authorities are investigating four more deaths that may be related to last week scorching hot wavebringing the total number of deaths from suspected hyperthermia to 14 people.

The Oregon The state’s medical examiner’s office said Monday the heat-related death designation is preliminary and requires further investigation.

Multnomah County, where Portland, recorded seven deaths suspected of being heat-related, the highest of any Oregon county. Portland and Seattle set records on Sunday for most consecutive days of high temperatures.

In Portland, temperatures on Sunday rose above 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) for the seventh day in a row, a record for the city for consecutive days above that mark. Farther north in Seattle, temperatures rose to 91F (32.8C) in the early afternoon, marking a six-day record above 90F (32.2C).

Temperatures have nearly tripled in nearly all of the previous weeks in the Portland area, prompting officials to open overnight emergency shelters and cooling stations.

The National Weather Service has issued extreme heat warnings for both the Portland and Seattle areas that run through Sunday night. Temperatures began to cool on Monday as cooler air from the Pacific Ocean blew in.

According to climate experts, the climate crisis is fueling longer-lasting heatwaves in the Pacific Northwest, a region that has historically rarely experienced one-week heatwaves.

Residents and officials in the northwest have been trying to adjust to the reality of possible longer, longer-lasting heat waves following last summer’s deadly death.”heat dome“The weather phenomenon caused record temperatures and death toll.

About 800 people have died in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia during the heatwave that hit late June and early July 2021. Temperatures hit an all-time high of 116 degrees Fahrenheit (46.7 degrees Celsius) in Portland.

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