High 10 diet myths will not die

Eat Meat-Diet

Once the exclusive target of epilepsy (for seizure control) and crazy bodybuilders, the keto diet is now the ‘it’ diet of the masses, having completely met Difficulty with Weight Watchers.

It’s easy to see how it happened. The keto diet allows people to eat all the fat they want and they can practically see themselves shrink day by day. But the keto diet isn’t all about sunshine and deep-fried daisies. It has a number of downsides, some of which are serious, and it’s not the best diet for exercisers.

Here are some problems with the keto diet that make me a little itchy:

Poor nutrition

Keto dieters eliminate entire food groups, often leaving them deficient in vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and essential fatty acids. Keto dieters can solve a lot of those problems with a multivitamin supplement, but it’s a poor and unlikely substitute for the nutrients in food. Also, missing out on dozens or even hundreds of polyphenols found in grains, fruit, wine, and even beer is like playing Super Mario Bros. and don’t bother picking up all the super power-ups.

Not good for strength athletes

There’s some evidence that the keto diet can work for endurance runners and Alaskan sled dogs, but if you’re a weightlifter who relies on short bursts of strength, go for it. forget it.

Bad for the intestines

Skipping carbs means giving up fiber. Any actual loss of body weight over the long term can be offset by the weight of the impacted fecal pool that builds up gradually in your intestines.

Bad crotch

Despite the name alluding to, keto crotch isn’t the newest member of the Marvel Universe (Peter Parker, Matt Murdoch, Jessica Jones, etc.). If that’s the case, I doubt her superpowers would be of any use in fighting crime, except maybe in some very special and unusual circumstances.

Clearly, all of the eatins in meat alter vaginal pH, and the lower acidity creates a welcoming environment for unwanted bacteria, leading to the potential for infection, unpleasant odors, and potentially harmful odors. can be invaded by raccoons.

Bad blood

The dangers of high cholesterol are unknown, but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter at all, and high cholesterol is what you get when you eat saturated fat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. dark.

But the worst thing about the keto diet, at least for those looking to gain muscle, is that the ketosis diet will steal amino acids from the muscles to fuel other things. Oh, and low carbs lead to high cortisol, which also affects muscle activity levels.

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