‘High Gun Maverick’ drops $9.7 million in second weekend earlier than ‘determined to depart’ at Korean field workplace

“Top Gun Maverick” flies even higher in second weekend in Korea ticket room, maintain the top position and increase the proportion of revenue. The sky-high performance was more than enough to overshadow Park Chan-wook’s promising opening.”Decided to leave. “

“Top Gun Maverick” earned $9.72 million Friday through Sunday, with a 59 percent market share, according to data from Kobis, a tracking service run by the Korean Film Council (Kofic). That compares to $9.55 million and 57% market share in the first week of launch. After 12 days in Korean theaters, the film has accumulated 27.6 million USD.

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The meticulously executed “Decision,” which earned Park the Best Director award at Cannes in May, presents a show that is a delightful contrast to the unflinching spectacle of “Top Gun Maverick.” It opened brilliantly with $2.57 million over the weekend, a 16% market share, and $3.84 million in its opening five days.

“The Witch: Part 2. The Other One” earned $1.73 million in its third weekend, bringing its cumulative total to $21.0 million. Crime-action film The Roundup earned $1.62 million in fourth place, stretching its gross since May 18 to $99 million.

Behind the top four, there are relatively slim options. “Lightyear” earned $222,000 with a cumulative total of $2.63 million. And KoreaAnother Cannes first prize winner, “Broker” earned $80,000 for a cumulative $9.16 million over four weekends.

While there is still an extreme polarization between the top titles and those that are also lower value, the monthly figures show that box office revenue in June is holding on to May’s rebound. The country dropped most of its COVID protocols in early May, allowing cinemas to bounce back.

Total sales for June were 158 billion KRW ($122 million), slightly higher than May’s 150 million KRW ($116 million) in local currency. June reached 15.5 million ticket sales, compared with 14.6 million in May.

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