Highland Park shoots individuals of curiosity, leaving traces of violence on-line

Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, who was identified by police after Monday’s shooting in suburban Chicago that left six people dead and 38 injured, has left a trail of mass shootings. serial and murder publicity on social networking platforms, according to many profiles that appear to belong to him.

Crimo performs as a rapper named “Awake” whose recent music videos include descriptions of serial murders.

The most recent video of Crimo posted to YouTube shows him after a school shooting. It ends with Crimo donating an American flag. Another music video shows animation depicting a man wearing a shirt with the logo of his YouTube channel, holding a long gun and being shot by police.

The YouTube account that hosts his videos, which was previously accessible to the public, went down Monday night.

Crimo has his own Discord server where fans and those who know him will chat. The community has a political board filled with nihilistic political memes. The most recent post before the shooting, posted in March, was an image of Budd Dwyer, the Pennsylvania state treasurer who shot himself dead on live television in the late 1980s, along with the caption “I wish I wish Why do politicians still make speeches like this.”

On Discord, fans will share posts that Crimo has made about themselves. An apparent selfie Crimo took in March reads: “Screenshot of cursed images and sent to people or no longer alive,” alluding to the suicide.

After Monday’s shooting, the 4chan troll took to the community, using it as a rendezvous to praise the shooter and post memes about the attack. The Discord channel closed around 6 p.m. ET, just hours after Crimo was deemed an interested person.

Crimo also regularly posts to a message board discussing graphic depictions of murders, suicides, and deaths. His most recent post to that message board was last week, when he posted a video of a beheading.

Crimo doesn’t regularly post about major political figures on its website, except for two posts about former President Donald Trump.

A video posted to Crimo’s YouTube page on January 2, 2021, appears to show Crimo amid a crowd of protesters cheering for President Trump’s motorcade outside the airport. Crimo flips the phone to reveal his face at the end of the video.

Crimo is also seen on the Trump flag in a June 27, 2021 post on Twitter. The post is only captioned with the word “spam”.

Mark Heymann, 22, who said he attended Highland Park High School with Crimo, said Crimo is a rapper who released music when they were in school together.

Heymann says he doesn’t remember much about Crimo.

Crimo’s father, who Convenience store is reported to ownheld an unsuccessful run for mayor of Highland Park in 2019.

This is an evolving story. Please check back for updates.

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