Highland Park shoots on the 4th of July parade in Illinois


In a speech Monday night hours after a mass shooting killed six people, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker addressed the Highland Park community, saying there were “no words” to describe the The loss and grief of the families of those killed and injured during this holiday. after a gunman opened fire during a July 4 parade.

“Family of six woke up today to participate in a community celebration of our nation’s Independence. They’re going to bed less than the whole thing tonight,” he said.

“There are no words for the kind of crime that pops up at a public freedom celebration, hides on a rooftop and shoots innocent people with an assault rifle. No words I can come up with. to ease the pain of those families who will no longer associate July 4 with celebration, but instead grieve,” added Pritzker.

The governor said he spoke with President Biden, who has pledged federal support. He also said the state of Illinois will provide resources for those affected by the shooting. Law enforcement is still searching for the suspect and has identified one with an interest.

“It is appalling that an American celebration has been torn apart by our only American plague,” Pritzker said. “A day dedicated to freedom has dramatically released the only freedom that we, as a nation, have refused to uphold. The freedom of our fellow citizens to live without worry. fear of gun violence every day.”

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