Hrithik Roshan producer Vikram Vedha on “naughty” reporting on filming location

Hrithik Roshan's Vikram Vedha producer on 'naughty' report on filming location

Hrithik Roshan on land Vikram Vedha. (polite: Hrithik Roshan)

New Delhi:

The producers of the highly anticipated drama Vikram Vedha released a statement on Monday in which they clarified that the film was shot extensively in India, specifically in Uttar Pradesh, and the “creative talent” of the film – namely the actors. members – have no control over production and funding. Reliance Entertainment, the film’s co-producer, also confirmed that part of the film was shot in Abu Dhabi, explaining that it was the only location available that provided the infrastructure for the biobubble at the time. certain. The statement came after several reports allege that Vikram Vedha star Hrithik Roshan refused to shoot in Uttar Pradesh and urged the producers to shoot in Dubai.

Reliance Entertainment’s statement describes the reports as “misleading and completely unfounded”, confirming that the majority Vikram Vedha was shot in India and filming locations include Lucknow, in Uttar Pradesh. The statement called efforts to “twist” the truth “wrong and dishonest.” The statement also clarified that suggestions are welcome from the actor, but that “production and budget decisions are a centralized privilege.”

The statement shared by Reliance Entertainment on Twitter read: “We have noticed a lot of misleading and completely baseless reports about Vikram Vedha Shoot location. We obviously mean that Vikram Vedha was filmed extensively in India, including Lucknow. Part of the film was shot in the United Arab Emirates in October-November 2021 as it is the only location that provides the infrastructure for a bio-bubble that can accommodate a single crew with this size. Such a scale also allows for the construction of scenes in a studio for many months before shooting. We chose to do that because of health and protocol concerns. Any attempt to distort this set of facts is clearly fraudulent and dishonest. Additionally, we want to emphasize that at Reliance Entertainment, while we welcome proposals from creative talent, production and budgeting decisions are a centralized privilege. “

Read the statement shared by the manufacturers here:

Hrithik Roshan, after concluding the project earlier this year, shared a poignant note written about his work journey on the film. Read his post here:

Vikram Vedha is a Hindi remake of the 2017 Tamil action thriller film neo-noir of the same name, also written and directed by Pushkar-Gayathri. The film was a huge success and received critical acclaim, featuring Madhavan and Vijay Setupathi in the lead roles.

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