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Retired fitness expert Lee Labrada has achieved incredible heights during his time in the sport with his razor-sharp regulation and eloquent pose. In a recent post made on Instagram, Labrada showed off a spectacular quad development while doing a tripod extension.

Lee Labrada It is no longer strange to perform at high-class shows. A veteran of the sport, Labrada managed to compete and reach Olympia’s top four for seven consecutive years. He has promoted some of the greatest bodybuilders in the history of the sport, such as Mr. Olympia eight times Lee Haney and six-time Olympia winner Dorian Yates.

During his retirement, Labrada became the CEO of Labrada Nutrition. With the remarkable consistency that Labrada has maintained for most of his career, the veteran regularly shares some of the methods that helped him find that success. Bodybuilder says he can maintain an amazing figure beyond 50 by approach his diet in a very calculated way.

Lee Labrada, 62, staying in shape in retirement

In a recent post made on Instagram, Labrada showed off her tight suits while demonstrating a series of leg extensions.

“62 years old and I still continue climbing, by the grace of God. Next work will respawn. I love the energy in the gym. Every day is a new day, an opportunity to be better. Win the day! @hunterlabrada I hope you enjoy the new song Keep on Climbing from my band’s new release, listen to it on Spotify” Lee Labrada Written.

Labrada and bodybuilding go hand in hand. Son of Labrada, Hunter Labrada was an Open-ranked competitor that placed fifth at Olympia in 2021 last year. He plans to take the position even higher when he takes on all the games this December.

Lee Labrada has made an effort to help the newer talents in the sport. The veteran connects with the rising Classic Physique star Terrence Ruffin last year and two practice posing together. One of Lee’s biggest pieces of advice to Ruffin is that bodybuilders need to be fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses when they’re performing on stage. Lee also emphasized the need to be comfortable and strong when performing the required poses.

Although there are some dangers in the sport, Lee Labrada has shown that longevity can be achieved with the right discipline and diet. He believes bodybuilding has helped him maintain such a toned physique. In fact, he said that ‘bodybuilding is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth’.

Fitness legend and Mr. Olympia seven times Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently taken the opposite stance regarding the sport. He believes bodybuilding is becoming ‘really dangerous’ and sometimes murderousespecially when it comes to Open male competitors, who he says are growing in size too much.

Lee Labrada hasn’t competed since 1995. Even so, he did not miss the opportunity to join his son Hunter for some training sessions or demonstrations. Last year, the two met and finally accelerated the pace with a brutal quads workout.

During the last years of her life, Labrada kept her fans updated on her health and physique. He shared an update at 60and sixty one at the same time, proving that his ability to maintain condition continues to be one of his greatest qualities as an athlete.

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With some of the dangers present in the sport, Lee Labrada and his bodybuilding knowledge are certainly huge assets for Olympia contender Hunter Labrada. After showing great quads at the age of 62, Labrada remains committed to the ‘fountain of youth’ he calls bodybuilding.

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