Jerry Rice seems to be on board Trey Lance train as the 2022 San Francisco 49ers season approaches.

The legendary former 49ers recipient spoke briefly about Lance to KSBW-TV in Monterey this week while he was in the area promoting his energy drink, GOAT Fuel. Rice was asked about Lance during his appearance and said he prefers his dual threat potential to what Jimmy Garoppolo brought up the table and he thinks Lance is ready to take on the team’s starting midfield role this season.

“Trey Lance, I think he’s ready to go,” Rice said. “And I think he’s incredible because he has an aspect that Jimmy doesn’t have, and that’s the threat of running with the ball and things like that. So his mobility, the wings. strong hands and this guy, he’s ahead of his time.”

It’s still hard to say exactly what the 49ers will get from Lance this season, but Rice seems to think the 2021 first-round pick has what he needs to succeed.

“He’s young but very experienced and I think he’s ready to leave,” Rice said.

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Lance and the 49ers have less than four weeks left before they begin training camp in Santa Clara, with recruits and veterans due to report on July 26. All eyes will be on Lance to see if he Is he really ready to take permanent ownership of the starter role after waiting for his turn after Garoppolo last season.