Kyrie Irving Commerce Rumors: Lakers, Nets Actively Talk about Russell Westbrook Deal, In accordance with Report

The brooklyn network and Los Angeles Lakers is making progress on a Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook swap, by Chris Haynes. Other areas will have to be involved, but there is “feeling optimism” that the two sides can find a deal this summer.

Irving recently opted in to the final year of his $36.4 million contract but is expected to be traded after his star teammate Kevin Durant requested a trade. from Nets. “If Kevin Durant were on the first train, Kyrie Irving would be in the same predicament as the Nets are concerned,” Brian Windhorst Report earlier this week.

Out in a season where he played only 29 games because he refused to get a COVID-19 vaccine, and due to his previous injury history – Irving hasn’t played 70 games in a season since 2017 when he was still with Cleveland Cavaliers – the market for mercantile defenders can be understood as not as strong as the market for Durant.

However, the Lakers had very few losses. Irving represents the best opportunity to add talent this summer, and he has a previous relationship with LeBron James. Both players will hit the freestyle next season, and the Lakers are trying to win another title from LeBron and Anthony Davis. Irving is somewhat fair about his negatives, but on the field he will be a much better fit than Westbrook, and will greatly increase the Lakers’ championship odds.

Of course, trading Westbrook is easier said than done; The Lakers have been trying to do so since the middle of last season, just months after they originally acquired him. He recently opted in to the final year of a $47 million contract, which makes trading difficult from a logistical perspective. Plus, there’s the fact that he’s past his prime, but still needs the ball in his hand most of the time to be effective.

There aren’t really any meaningful basketball situations, but the Nets are in dire straits following Durant’s commercial claim, and may be willing to bring in Westbrook as an expired contract if they can. moved Irving and solicited some concessions away from the Lakers. In particular, the Nets will be eager to get some draft picks given the amount they owe Houston Rockets in the coming years through the James Harden trade.

According to Haynes, bill of exchange is currently one of the biggest sticking points in completing a transaction. The Lakers are also offering a flurry of future draft picks through the Anthony Davis deal, and previously did not want to attach future first-round picks to move Westbrook. However, if they can get their hands on Irving, it could be worth it. Furthermore, the teams do not seem to agree to let other players participate. Most notably, the Nets want to move Joe Harris, who has two years and $38.6 million left on his contract and is about to have ankle surgery, while the Lakers are pushing to get Seth Curry instead.

It seems like a deal is imminent at this point, but if the two sides get this far in discussions it may not be long before Irving reunites with LeBron and wears purple and gold suits.

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