Lakers Not Actively Making an attempt to Get Nets’ Kyrie Irving

Lakers and Nets have been reported Actively participate In Kyrie IrvingRussell Westbrook trade negotiations.

But Los Angeles doesn’t want to sound too desperate.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

I assume the Lakers still have to actively try to come to an agreement with each other to get him out of Brooklyn. That could come. That can develop over time. But so far, there is no real traction on transactions with Irving or Kevin Durant.

If they don’t actively try to complete the Irving-Westbrook swap, the Lakers will fail the job.

Irving will be a major upgrade for Westbrook both in terms of current ability and suitability LeBron James and Anthony Davis. While more reliable than Irving, Westbrook has proven he won’t help the Lakers win big during LeBron’s peak.

LeBron is already 37. The Lakers shouldn’t waste time looking for an upgrade. Even if it wants to wait for Irving to become a free agent next season, Los Angles is far from having enough space.

The Lakers should be grateful that Kevin Durant’s trade request opened the door for Brooklyn to trade Irving for Westbrook plus. If the Nets have more reason to worry about the upcoming season, a player who can unlock the Los Angles championship like Irving may never come to fruition. But it does ask the Lakers to come up with options to entice Brooklyn.

That said, the Nets no rush to trade Irving. They can send him elsewhere. If that happens, the Lakers don’t want to be seen as trying too hard to move Westbrook. Their plan is demonstrate their commitment to Westbrook and invite him to buy. With Los Angeles in a predicament, it’s not the worst way to go.

Unless the Lakers can get Irving.

Something they should actively try to do.

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