Launch: fpPS4 v30062022 – PS4 Emulator for Home windows improves compatibility with industrial video games

fpPS4 has been updated since we last talked about it a month ago. This June 2022 release of PS4 Emulator Improved compatibility, especially with some commercial games. At the time of writing, the project’s github has not been updated to the latest source code.

What is FPS4?

screenshot from BrutalSam’s demo video (version 30/05)

fpPS4 is a PS4 emulator for Windows x64, more specifically “PS4 compatibility layer (emulator) on Free Pascal”. According to the developer, this project is made for fun and is only in its early stages.

fpPS4 30062022 – What’s new

fpPS4 ran several commercial games. In the demo video below by member BrutalSam, we can see games like Undertale, Spelunky, Cursed Castilla, We’re Dead and Sonic Mania runs on fpPS4, with varying degrees of success: these games run on fpPS4, but the audio seems to glitch in some cases and the framerate remains absent for 3D games. Overall, though, it shows huge improvements over previous PS4 emulator releases, so this is great news.

Worms WMD is supposed to be emulator compatible, but in tests this doesn’t seem to work as expected at the moment.

Download fpPS4

You can download recent build of fpPS4 here. Besides, The source code can be found on the developer’s github.

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Source: Brutal Sam

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