Laurence “Huge Loz” Shahlaei shares a few full day of consuming and the way he reworked his physique

After retiring from competitive strong team, 2016 The strongest man in Europe (ESM) Laurence “Big Loz” Shahlaei has changed his physique through considerable weight loss. An integral part of that process is he went on a diet that’s more than what one can expect from a bodybuilder maintain a calorie deficit than of a strong man need to maintain high power level for heavy lift in the gym.

On June 29, 2022, Big Loz has come to his YouTube channel to share eat all day, which revealed to his 124,000 subscribers what he consumes each day, has lost 40 kg (88.2 pounds) to date. While he says there’s still a lot of work to be done in his weight loss journey, the aesthetic growth is obvious, from much more. muscle definition arrive visible abdominal muscles. Watch Shahlaei’s full day in the video below:

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The first meal of the day for Big Loz is quite simple. Combination of 100 grams of oats, one scoop whey protein, and 300 ml of skim milk. On days when Shahlaei felt hungrier, he would toss a banana or four squares of sea salt dark chocolate at his breakfast to add carbohydrates and flavor to the dish. He pairs his oats with a black latte.

This breakfast is half of the oats that Shahlaei would consume on strong competition days. Years of consuming large amounts of food have made his current daily eating “no problem” easy. His breakfast rounded out 604 calories.

Meal 2

The second meal of the day for Big Loz is as simple as breakfast. It consists of rice, minced meat and peas with curry powder that was prepared the day before. 250 gram dish minced steak (five percent fat) and two microwaveable Basmati rice packets (165 grams), and 100 grams of boiled peas for a total of 598 calories.

Making food easy is really important to someone like me.

Shahlaei is a believe in diet cola. He says he sometimes has up to 3 diet cups a day because it keeps him from getting sick high calorie drinks from the diet does not provide any nutritional value. Avoiding those empty calories is crucial to maintaining weight loss in the long run.

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Meal three

Big Loz cooks his third meal: chicken, pasta, spinach and plum tomatoes with pesto. The amount of each type is as follows:

  • 100 grams of Fusilli pasta
  • 150 grams of chicken
  • 15 grams of pesto

In Big Loz’s view, fruits and vegetables are so low in calories that even though nutritionist recommends a certain amount of spinach and tomatoes, he more often than not how much eyeball? of both to add to their meals. Much of Shahlaei’s dietary growth has come from portion management while creating delicious meals and making him enjoy eating. He find balance in his diet but makes more health-conscious choices when he goes out to eat and swaps those nights out with one of the higher calories meals during the day.

Even when I’m traveling… instead of eating what I want, I try to make smart choices to ensure that my calorie intake stays the same as at home.

Although Shahlaei’s weight loss goal is 100 pounds, it’s only a short-term goal to keep yourself disciplined. His long-term goal of losing weight is overall healthier lifestyle now his game days are behind him.

I want my whole life to be balanced rather than completely ruined.

Meal three was 613 calories, bringing his total daily calories to 1,815 calories.

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Meal before and after workout

Shahlaei still works out in the gym. He even came back compete in sanctioned weightlifting occasion event. He was allotted two bagels with 30 grams of jam for before practice meal. That will fuel him for 30 minutes of cardio and shoulder training. His exercise Meal is a basic protein shake a tablespoon of whey in water. His pre-workout was 523 calories, and his post-workout was 91 calories.

Meal 4

Shahlaei’s last meal of the day consisted of 400 grams of mashed sweet potatoes, 227 grams of sirloin and 100 grams of broccoli. season with salt and garlic and topped with mustard. This is the dinner that Shahlaei eats 5 to 6 times a week otherwise order take away. Meal total for 930 calories his daily total is 3,615 calories after his late dinner of four dark chocolate squares.

Featured Image: @biglozwsm on Instagram

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