Man Reffitt: January 6, rioter introduced a gun to the US Capitol and threatened Nancy Pelosi with greater than 7 years in jail


A federal judge on Monday convicted Guy Reffitt, who brought a gun to the U.S. Capitol in January 6, 2021riot and threatened House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to more than seven years in prison, the longest insurrection-related sentence to date.

Reffitt, a recruiter for a right-wing militia known as the Three Percenters, was the first Capitol rioter to stand trial instead of accepting a plea agreement.

“Mr. Reffitt’s reluctance to admit early on that his conduct was illegal is concerning,” District Judge Dabney Friedrich said before his 87-month sentencing. There is no legal definition of the term ‘patriotic’ (no) Mr. Reffitt’s conduct on and around January 6 fits this term. It is the antonym of the word”.

Friedrich added: “The officers at the Capitol were patriots, just as those who fought and even died to defend our democracy, the rule of law… those in the crowd were not. Not only are they not patriots, but they are a direct threat to our democracy and will be punished as such.”

In March, Reffitt was found guilty by a DC jury of five felony counts, including transporting and carrying a firearm on Capitol grounds, obstructing Capitol Police, and obstructing a formal proceeding. He drove to DC with several guns, one of which he carried on the steps of the Capitol during the early hours of the riot.

“I just want to see Pelosi’s head hit every f**king staircase on the way out. … And also (Republican leader) Mitch McConnell,” Reffitt said, according to a tape he made himself on Jan.

The maximum sentence, coupled with the fact that defendants face a convicted jury every January 6, could prevent some of the hundreds of January 6 defendants awaiting trial from changing their positions. in which to execute plea agreements set forth by the Department of Justice.

The 87-month sentence is two years longer than any other Capitol riot jail sentence handed down to date.

Reffitt has been adamant in previous hearings about being the first January 6 defendant to bring his case to trial. But on Monday, to plead for clemency before his sentencing, he said he was an “idiot” who likened “founding and stupid fathers like that” around 6, and that he doubled down on that rhetoric to “make money” for his family during his legal battle.

“It sounds like you want to be a big man, an important man, the first man on trial… the first man up there, drunk with the press,” Friedrich told Refitt. “You want to be an important person who makes a difference, but you go in the wrong direction.”

“Exactly my opinion, your honor,” Reffitt said.

Reffitt’s wife and two daughters were in the courtroom when the verdict was announced. Reffitt’s young daughter, Peyton, told the judge her father “wasn’t a threat to my family” and that her family had “turned a blind eye” to his mental health issues.

“My father’s name was not on all the flags present that day, which everyone carried that day. He’s not the leader,” Peyton said through tears, sometimes pausing with his hand over her heart.

The mother of Ashli ​​Babbitt, the pro-Trump rioter who was shot dead by police on January 6, was also in the courtroom on Monday.

Reffitt’s son Jackson, who testified against his father during the trial, was not present in the courtroom. In a statement read aloud by prosecutors, Jackson said his father “slowly lost himself over the past five years,” but that “whether you view him as a father, a family member or a friend, friends, use these marks to justify whatever he did was completely wrong.”

Courtroom sketch during Guy Reffitt's trial January 6, 2022 on March 8, 2022.

Prosecutors sought a sentence nearly a decade longer than the harshest to date by adding enhanced penalties to his sentence for terrorism. Prosecutor Jeffrey Nestler told the judge that Reffitt “wants to physically and literally remove the power of members of Congress” and that the government believes “what he did that day was terrorism.” .

“We believe he is a domestic terrorist,” Nestler said Monday.

Friedrich did not add additional punishment for the act of terrorism, however, saying it would create an “unwarranted disparity” between Reffitt’s sentence and that of other rioters convicted of carrying weapons or threaten legislators.

This story has been updated with additional details.

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