Man who shot 3 Wayne Co. delegates, leaving 1 critically injured, discovered lifeless in his house after 9 hours of standstill ::

– The man accused of shooting three Wayne County deputies Monday morning was found dead 9 hours later.

The deputies were shot while performing an involuntary pledge, meaning someone thought the suspect was a danger to themselves and needed help. at a house on the 2500 block of Arrington Bridge Road in Dudley.

Heavily armed officers from the State Highway Patrol, WCSO and surrounding agencies surrounded the house for more than nine hours.

Jourdan Hamilton, 23, was found in the home with an apparent fatal gunshot wound after SWAT members entered the mansion.

At this time, it is not known who submitted the commit order.

Joel Gillie, a spokesman for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, said all three injured deputies are being treated at ECU Medical Center.

Gillie said late Monday that 38-year-old Sergeant Matthew Fishman was in critical condition.

Co-pilot Alexander Ramon Torres, 27, and Corporal Andrew Cox, 37, are said to be in stable condition.

“Right now, our thoughts and prayers are with the individuals in our department and their families and they are dealing with their trauma,” Gillie said.

Matthew Fishman is the son of Dave Fishman, pastor at Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Goldsboro.

The church opened its doors on Monday night for those wishing to pray for his speedy recovery.

Chachi Torres said his son, Ramon Torres, was among those shot. He said he had a “bad feeling” when he received an alert on his phone Monday morning.

“Usually, my phone is set for any kind of news, and I have a bad feeling…my phone is off. I look at it. Boom. Wayne County Sheriff’s Office [deputies] shot. I called everyone, and I found out one of them was my son. “

Chachi Torres said this is one of the worst news he can get as a parent.

“I called my wife, told my wife, my daughter. We just got in the car and went straight to the hospital,” he said.

Ramon Torres is in good spirits, his father said.

“He’s a little sore right now but he’s strong… He told us he doesn’t want to see anyone, so I understand. He’s good,” said Chachi Torres.

He discovered his son had been shot twice, with one bullet still intact on Monday night.

“One of them was on his hip. It’s still there,” he said. “The other one goes through.”

As his son settled, Ramon Torres prayed for other families affected.

“I was just praying for the other two. [Just] because my son is here, that doesn’t mean [I] only worried about Ramon. We worry about other families. “

The standard, Gillie said, is that three deputies must execute an involuntary pledge order, and deputies have no history with the suspect.

Follow Gun Violence Archive, There have been six incidents in NC this year where an officer was shot and injured or killed. Nationwide, the database shows there are at least 201.

From January 1, 2019 to today, North Carolina has had at least 73 incidents of an officer being shot and injured or killed. That puts our state eighth in the nation for incidents of this type during that time period.

During the same period nationwide, there were more than 1180 incidents. They have increased over time. From 297 incidents in 2019, 330 incidents in 2020 and 360 incidents reported to GVA in 2021. At this time last year, there were 190 incidents reported so we are getting ahead.


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