Miles Sanders: We really feel unstoppable, like an all-star workforce

Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Workout

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Eagles season has been marked by trading for wide receivers AJ Brownsign pass Haason Reddickand choose a defensive solution jordan davis and paved streets I am the head of the department in the draft after they won the championship at Georgia last season.

Many outside the organization have welcomed moves that will improve the Eagles’ chances of a post-season comeback in 2022. Running again Miles Sanders particularly liked how much Brown’s addition meant to the team’s offense and talked about how the unit felt as they made their way to training camp.

“Oh my god. We all feel like we’re on top an all-star team, so we feel great,” said Sanders, via CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin. “We felt unstoppable, I won’t lie. The vibes are great, always have been. Nick Sirianni is doing a great job of just keeping the emotions right, good chemistry. We compete a lot in practice. But we have to see. It’s going to be camping, day by day, putting everything together. “

Those with a long memory will recall that former Eagles quarterback Vince Young called the 2011 Eagles “Dream Team“After signing with the club. They took an 8-8 lead and missed the playoffs, so the hope in Philly is that things go better for the current collection of star players.

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