NYT Crossword Solutions: Canada’s Oldest Nationwide Park

THE AGE QUESTION – Congratulations to crossword-builder duo Malgorzata Nowakowska and Eileen Williams, both medical students, who launched the New York Times today with a quiz to honor an artist whose use of language makes She became the perfect subject for the crossword puzzle.

As Miss Nowakowska (who was traveling with Margaret) and Miss Williams observed in their notes, there were many crossword puzzles who wanted more puzzles about and about women. One place to look for such puzzles is Nursery, an independent puzzle store that publishes “women’s crossword puzzles and non-binary builders.” Edited by the New York Times Crossword builders Laura Braunstein, Tracy Bennett (and puzzle editor collaborator at The Times), Stella Zawistowski and Brooke Husic, Inkubator offers a fresh perspective. cool, alternative to the crossword puzzle. Recently, the store also published a collection of “100 fascinating puzzles by women and non-binary creators, ”Which I enjoyed all summer. (For the sake of full disclosure, I should mention that I have a few puzzles in the book myself, but I don’t get paid if you buy it! I just think it’s really well done! and the quizzes are awesome.)

So now that we’ve set the stage for an appreciation of quizzes by and about women, let’s dive into today’s daring puzzle by two women creators!

1A. I confidently dived into the “fin” for “Swimsuit”, which really slowed me down at that corner until I realized this must be LAPS instead.

5A. When a clue requires a “word with” two other words, you need to identify a word that can go before or after each word named in the hint to form a common term or phrase. In this case, “Speech with clothes or days” is SALAD, as in SALAD in clothes (yum) or SALAD days (a term for innocent youth).

22A. The “nut and bolts drawer” might be a place in the toolbox to store loose nuts and bolts, but a “nut and bolt drawer?” (with a question mark to let you know look for a pun) is MAGNET, maybe painting nuts and bolts towards it with its magnetism.

47A. I thought “Things made by doctors and bartenders” might have been “photographs,” but that didn’t have enough letters to fill the gap. The actual answer here is ROUND, way better.

59A. I love the inclusion of the word YOINK, which I use every day when I take a toy out of my dog’s overzealous fridge. The word appeared once before in the New York Times Crossword and basically means “sneaky, informal.”

5D. Finally, the clue “Suspicious element?” sounds like it has to be about something that contributes to uncertainty or doubt. Instead, it is a pun clue for SILENT B, which is a component of the word “doubt”.

As I mentioned above, this crossword pays tribute to an artist – someone close to and dear to my heart: This puzzle, dear, is a tribute to Taylor SWIFT! If you’re not a Swiftie, you may not notice the topic as you tackle. But the revealer at 49D suggests to you that this puzzle is about “Taylor ___, some of them have songs featured in the answers to the starred clues”.

These popular songs are MINE, FEARLESS, BABE, RED, BLANK SPACE, SHAKE IT OFF and DEAR JOHN, all written straight, unrelated to T. Swift’s song (e.g. DEAR JOHN was written). is “The Beginning of a Breakup Letter Classic,” with no reference to the song or its purported subject, ex-boyfriend John Mayer.) In addition to the starred subject entries, This puzzle also contains some additional thematic content, including a reference to “Our Song” (60D: “’___ Song,’ 2007 hit starting with the shotgun ‘I was ridin’ with my hair is removed).” ) and the clue“The Mischievous Creature of Folklore”, which contains the title of the singer’s 2020 album“Folklore” and mentions an ELF.

It would be superfluous for me to include videos for all of the songs mentioned in the quiz (as many as I like), so I’ll just drop RED, the song referenced at 30A instead (“” Shameful”), apparently referring to the crossword puzzles and which Miss Nowakowska and Miss Williams allude to in their notes.

Hi we are Margaret and Eileen – nice to write to you all! We are both medical students at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

Margaret grew up in Poland and started doing crossword puzzles to improve her English after moving to the United States at the age of 16. For many years we were (almost) daily solvers, but never before. counting on construction until we meet.

We started working on this crossword a year ago while vacationing together in Maine. We chose the Taylor SWIFT theme because:

1. She is amazing,

2. We want more crossword puzzles with women and women, and

3. People who like lyrics should try her music.

As Taylor alludes to one of the hidden songs mentioned above, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to solve a crossword and realizing there’s no right answer. We hope you don’t feel the same way as you tackle today. Please contact us about anything Taylor- or crossword related (eileenw@bcm.edu, Malgorzata.Nowakowska@bcm.edu).

PS Eileen here. On a personal note, despite my best efforts for so many years, I still haven’t accomplished my biggest life goal: to meet Taylor! (Wow, and be a great ER doc.)

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