Oakland County decide blocks county prosecutors from imposing abortion ban

Lansing Oakland County Judge James Cunningham issued a temporary restraining order Monday blocking 13 county prosecutors with abortion providers in their jurisdiction from enforcing the state’s abortion ban. .

The order was issued at the request of Governor Gretchen Whitmer after the Court of Appeals ruled earlier on Monday that county prosecutors were not blocked from enforcing the state’s long-standing abortion ban. by original order of the Court.

Under his order, Cunningham said the order was “necessary to prevent immediate and irreparable harm that would result if defendants were allowed to prosecute abortion providers under (law five). 1931) without a full resolution of the pending cases challenging the statute.”

The judge scheduled a Zoom hearing on the matter for Wednesday.

Cunningham’s order came shortly after Whitmer made the claim in a case against 13 county prosecutors who have abortion clinics in their counties.

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