Peloton vs SoulCycle Debate: Which Train Is Higher?

There are some questions in life that will always get a strong response from everyone: no pineapple belongs to pizza? Do people who sneeze loudly do it on purpose? Is cats or dog the best? But in the fitness community, there is one particular hot topic that will spark debate to end all debates: SoulCycle or Peloton?

This question outperforms the rest in terms of opinion provoking. Why? Because people are so passionate Ride bicycle interests. Some go for SoulCycle, prioritizing dance choreography and rhetoric that “gets in touch with your emotions”. Others prefer Peloton, which tends to be more competitive-based, with instructor people who are able to crack a pun or cheesy joke because they want to swap one encouragement mantra.

Whatever your stance, you probably have at least some very good reasons as to why you prefer one over the other – as evidenced by last week, when SoulCycle started a campaign to give people a go. The SoulCycle vs Peloton debate came to the fore, and there were indoor cycling enthusiasts going every step of the way (wheels?) of their opinions on the two popular classes of bikes.

The news raises the tension: SoulCycle is offering free classes to Peloton riders who want to swap their bikes for their competitors, according to a news release. report from PERSON. As the article points out, Peloton users can submit their bikes to receive 47 free SoulCycle classes in the studio as part of the new initiative “Souls Reunited.” This show was created to get people “back to the studio and [vibing] together.”

As you can imagine, this strategy created discussion on social media. SoulCycle loyalists love it, while Peloton users are reeling from the marketing plan. So we decided to ask fans of both brands for their thoughts.

In Defense of SoulCycle

Most of the Team SoulCycle people we spoke to agreed: you can’t beat the community aspect of an IRL class. For them, the energy in the studio makes them work harder, sweat more, hit heart-stopping milestones and breathe the same cauliflower acne they wouldn’t experience, if they hadn’t. practice at home. Consider Peloton offers minimal in-person experience (right now, they have one studio in NYC and one in London), SoulCycle (with Over 83 studios spread across the US) is a training method designed to bring racers together.

“I’ve been an avid SoulCycle fan since 2017. During the pandemic, as many have done, I invested in a Peloton. However, shortly after the SoulCycle got back up and running, my Peloton came back. gone. I loved my instructors so much and the energy they brought into the room was amazing – even Cody Rigsby can’t fit me. Being in my room allows me to calm down and work on my body, and I just can’t get there in my own home. Distractions are always distracting, and there’s really nothing like a dark room with lit candles. “- Emily Cappello, 37 years old.

“SoulCycle has my heart. After years of going through Zoom sessions caused by the pandemic, I can’t pretend that I prefer virtual to face-to-face. Peloton does a great job at what it does, but SoulCycle has a point. Community awareness and solidarity make exercise real [energizing]. “- Jenna Nye

“SoulCycle walked so Peloton could run. While this is an aggressive marketing strategy for SoulCycle, it’s an effective way to bring people together. instead of individual sessions.” – Christy Pyrz, 29 years old

“While I feel Peloton is a great option during COVID, I don’t think it compares to taking a live class like SoulCycle. Energy, instructors, and lights add to the experience. experience and the motivation I need to get my day started and accountable.I agree with SoulCycle that community is an essential part of the experience.Although I have access to free Peloton in the gym. I’ve found more success in forcing myself to get up and go and have my favorite instructor push me. think this is a great move by SoulCycle [because] At the end of the day, human-to-human interaction is irreplaceable. “- Alisso Musto, 27 years old

“Peloton was the perfect solution for a very specific, very different time in our lives, but now that people are starting to feel comfortable together again, I think exercising Of course it’s much better for others. It may not be as convenient, but it’s better for the soul.” – Kathleen Fletcher

In Defense of Peloton

And then we have the Peloton, which is considered by many to be the more accessible option. Raise your hand if you’ve ever spent $30+ sleeping through an IRL workout class you’ve been ambitiously thinking you’ll wake up to after a night of drinking. (Hi, I raise my hand.) Many of the Peloton fans we spoke to said they enjoyed the flexibility that the carrier experience and certainly didn’t seem to miss the direct connection that SoulCycle users enjoy. passion. Another perk that many Peloton riders have called: being able to choose between different lengths and types of exercises on any given day.

“I will never [trade in my Peloton]. First, I don’t even like Soul Cycle classes. I tried so many times, but I couldn’t do it. I want to know exactly how fast and heavy I’m going, and the SoulCycle bike has no metrics – you never really know how fast you’re going or how much resistance you have, so not really Is there any way to know if you are advanced. I also love that Peloton offers a lot of classes of varying lengths, so depending on my time or the type of class I want, I can take classes 15, 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The diversity of the instructors is also much better. Each SoulCycle studio only has a fraction of the teachers, so you can’t really pick and choose the teaching style or the music. I like that, based on my mood, I can play pop, hip hop, country, EDM, metal, even Broadway. A studio can never compete. “- Amanda Keller, 38 years old

“Despite the bold SoulCycle strategy, I don’t like using phrases and negative psychology to market. It seems to devalue the message to me. Although I know SoulCycle is famous for its ideas. Big idea and I respect the big campaign, but it seems to blend in with their overall tone of a hit environment.I like Peloton for many reasons, including price. monthly memberships are more affordable than SoulCycle classes. Also, the inclusive and welcoming environment Peloton offers to all members, regardless of fitness level. The instructors at Peloton are also more well known and well felt. like one of your friends and family. In my opinion, you can’t beat working out at ANYTIME with Peloton and feeling you’re in a live class.” – Chelsea Curran, 30 years old

“I have a Peloton and have loved using it since early 2018 after I gave birth to my second child. Taking a variety of classes at home helps me stay mentally healthy and fit without having to worry about anything else. If I’m attending SoulCycle classes, the extra driving time to and from the studio plus class time constraints will prevent me from attending one. I think SoulCycle’s strategy of asking Peloton users to participate in return, Peloton bikes for some classes are desperate and shoddy.” – Jenna Liphart, 33

“I’ve been working out and cycling indoors, online, and working out since the pandemic started in March 2020. That’s really what makes me fall in love with fitness. As a therapist, I know how important it is. The importance of being part of a community with others to heal, stay motivated and feel better.Although I certainly ride harder and have more fun driving in person, I’m steadfast. so much more with being able to cycle online.” – Chanel Johnson, age 35

“As a certified spinning instructor for twenty years, I think [SoulCycle’s] extremely smart marketing strategy and in line with the perception of many people. Nothing compares to the energy of a crowded cycling class and the way everyone supports each other during the ride. Plus, there’s more responsibility when it comes to going to an in-person class where you get to know the rest of the community. That said, I would take Peloton through SoulCycle any day. I love taking and teaching dance classes, but when I do, I’m there to train hard, have fun, and avoid injuries, which makes Peloton the clear winner. “- Katie Pierson, 38 years old.

Hearing both sides of the SoulCycle vs Peloton debate has shown us one thing, at least: there’s no such thing as a perfect workout for everyone. While SoulCycle enthusiasts may have raved about the need for live classes and community inspiration, Peloton loyalists have matched their energies to protecting the accessibility that virtual exercises offer and the usefulness of having a variety of class durations and topics .

In the end, the perfect exercise is the one that works best for you, which is why we’re not here to tell you which brand outperforms – or even which side wins the cycling debate. indoor car. But SoulCycle’s PR campaign definitely got a lot of buzz, and since we love a heated, fitness-themed debate, we’ll consider it a win.

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