PM Replace: Hazard of robust storms and floods within the night

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* Watch out for severe thunderstorms and flood watch until 9 and 10 pm *

Both severe thunderstorms and overwhelm Clocks are in effect in an area stretching from Virginia to New Jersey through this evening due to the potential for storms, especially between 5 and 10 p.m. The three main hazards during a storm will be torrential rain, lightning, and some strong gusts of wind.

Remember that severe thunderstorm precautions mean that components are available for severe storms but may or may not be combined. However, if a severe thunderstorm warning is issued for your location, it means a severe storm is imminent and you should seek shelter.

As of late this afternoon, a few hurricanes had appeared along the Interstate 64 and Interstate 81 corridors, but none were imminent in the nearby metro area. Strong to severe storms are most likely to occur in the evening hours – especially at dusk.

Milder weather will move on Sunday, with the possibility of rain dropping quickly in the morning and then clear skies in the afternoon.

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Through tonight: Thunderstorms can slowly build up in the area through the late afternoon hours. The main threat is strong wind gusts during some storms. Second, we have the threat of downpours of rain and light. Many of us probably get at least a half inch of rain, but a quick one or two inches of rain during the heaviest of thunderstorms can’t be ruled out.

There could be additional showers or fewer thunderstorms later into the night when temperatures bottom out in the upper 60s and lower 70s. We’ll be monitoring late-night rainfall to make sure they don’t exacerbate flooding problems caused by previous storms.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Showers will eventually move away from the area in the morning, as mild southwesterly winds turn northwest, suggesting that a cold snap has passed. Southern Maryland could be the last in the region to stop showers, perhaps midday.

After the showers are over, we all have a few more hours of cloud behind but the afternoon sky will be bluer. High temperatures can range from 83 to 88 degrees and humidity will gradually decrease.

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Storm time frame from strong to severe tonight

Tonight, the area around the Beltway should mostly keep an eye out for windows between 6 and 9pm. That’s when hurricanes are likely to hit the DC area and the Interstate 95 corridor. A few storms could linger after that, but the potential for strong gusts should subside a bit before the storm threatens. .

Small hail and occasional lightning are also possible tonight, even after the strongest storm eases somewhat after 9 or 10pm. Always remember “when thunder rumbles, head indoors” – if you hear thunder, the lightning is close enough to strike.

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