Pokémon Go Studio lays off employees and cancels tasks

A close-up shot of the phone screen showing the Niantic logo.

image: Image of Rafael Henrique / SOPA / LightRocket (beautiful pictures)

The mobile game company behind Pokémon Go, Niantic, is struggling to find his next big hit. And now, a new report claims the studio has canceled multiple projects and laid off staff in an attempt to “streamline” operations.

The San Francisco-based publisher cut 85 to 90 jobs and canceled four games in development, including one Transformers The spin-off announced last year is called Heavy metal, follow a Bloomberg Report published today, Bloomberg The report further reports that an email sent from CEO John Hanke to employees says the company is “facing uncertain economic times” and that after previous efforts to cut costs, Niantic is still need to “further streamline our operations to best position the company to weather any economic storms that may lie ahead. “

Other reported games that have been canceled include Hamleta partnership plan between Niantic and the theater company Drunkand Blue sky and Snowballbut it’s not clear if that’s the book title or the internal codename.

Niantic has great success with 2016 AR . support Pokémon Go, but it still can’t repeat that success. In 2019, the studio released Harry Potter: The Sorcerer’s Guildbut it never found a large audience and was finally closed earlier this year. Other games based on Pikmin and Catania also failed to set the world on fire.

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In a statement sent to my boxA Niantic spokesperson confirmed the news of the layoffs and explained that they plan to continue to support Pokémon Go and its other games and projects.

“We recently decided to stop production on several projects and reduce our workforce by around 8% to focus on our key priorities,” Niantic said. “We are grateful for the contributions of those leaving Niantic, and we are supporting them through this difficult transition.

The company also told my box that the move will allow the company to focus more on “new experiences” and will “continue to invest in the future of AR.”

While it is true that Niantic will continue to invest in new games—the company just announced a new project with NBA—It is unlikely that those fired will find comfort in that reality. I can’t imagine watching your company keep making billions of dollars in a single game while firing employees is a good way to raise morale.

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