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Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler are some of the most prolific bodybuilders to love the sport and use their size as a weapon at bodybuilding shows. In a recent video replay, Coleman and Cutler go head-to-head to determine who had the biggest arms during their early years.

Coleman, a Mr. Olympia eight times, share that noble difference with Lee Haney for most of the titles ever won at the prestigious event. The “King” squandered his competition with incredible proportions and incredible muscle.

While Coleman continued to amass titles at Olympia, Jay Cutler repeatedly emerged as a threat in the Men’s Open division, marked by a second-place performance at Olympia in 2001, behind champion Coleman. Despite placing 2nd place, Cutler still remembers that moment because that’s exactly when ‘idol’ becomes his rival.

Ronnie Coleman with Jay Cutler

Finally, when 2006 came back, Cutler dethroned Coleman on his way to winning his first Olympia championship. During his bodybuilding tenure, Cutler use Ronnie Coleman-esque workout, described as loud and intense. Although Cutler admits these training methods are a bit ‘extreme’, they clearly have had a positive impact on his career.

While both decorated legends have long since moved away from the sport, there was a time, even outside of competition, when they couldn’t help but compete with each other. Two bodybuilders in their prime even compared their biceps sizes, and the gun show didn’t disappoint.

Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler Arms Race

Featured in a recent video, Coleman shared footage of him and Cutler facing off to see who has the biggest biceps. Coleman’s 23.5-inch guns outplayed Cutler’s 22.5-inch guns by a good distance.

While Coleman got the last laugh in the biceps battle, Cutler never held back during his bodybuilding prep. In fact, to stick with an athlete as decorated as Coleman, Cutler revealed that his diet is also a bit extreme. The Massachusetts native recalls the bulletproof mindset he adopted against Mr. Olympia 8 times. Cutler revealed that at one point, he consume more than 140 egg whites per day to gradually increase muscle for his physique.

For Coleman, his declaration of excellence comes through consistency. The fitness legend remembers training six days a week, without fail, his entire career. He’s always been an advocate of pushing the limits in the gym, saying ‘every day, I lift something heavy’, a lesson he considers essential to building quality muscle.

Coleman sacrificed a lot to reach the top of this sport and suffered a number of injuries due to hard work in the gym. One of the measurements surgery interferes with his ability to walk without assistance.

In retirement, Coleman was an inspiration and didn’t slow down. He still hits leg exercises twice a week even though his legs feel numb.

Watch the full YouTube video below:

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Cutler is also committed to sport and regular features practice and the most sports-oriented video discussions important problem. Both bodybuilders have maintained impressive physiques in retirement, and judging by the arms race Coleman won, it looks like they’ll remain friendly opponents for the rest of their lives. time.

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