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Question: How do over-50s improve their lower body if squats are heavy and deadlifts are no longer an option due to injury?

It is difficult to answer without knowing exactly what those injuries are. But if squats and deads are all you can’t do, and you can still do leg presses, hack squats, shake squats, leg stretches, leg curls, sit-ups, etc… then no Is there any reason not to train the lower body?

In fact, if we are talking about hypertrophy, then the squat and deadlift not even the best body option for most people! If you can do any of the exercises mentioned above – even if you can only do two of them, such as sit-ups and sit-ups – you’ll still be able to build muscle. his lower body optimally.

Even if you can only do one of the quad exercises listed and one of the hamstring exercises, you can still achieve solid results if you do 6-10 sets of the two exercises. there. It might be a bit boring, but it will work.

Your situation will be more difficult if you cannot do any of the exercises listed without pain. If that’s the case, a good option might be to use a Prowler or snowmobile to work out your lower body.

A few years ago, a 63-year-old former bodybuilder came to me for help because he couldn’t work out his lower body with any traditional exercises. What we did was use the Prowler and the sled, made in a variety of styles, to build his lower body. It worked! In fact, it worked so well that he decided to enter a bodybuilding competition. He beats people 30-40 years younger, and his legs are his greatest body part!

Here’s the problem, though: erecting your legs this way is not pleasant as the length/spacing of the sets required to stimulate growth will expose you to severe lactic acid build-up and can be difficult. lung tissue.

Since it has no load eccentricity, that also means you have to do it more often (to accumulate more mass) for it to work. He did it three days a week. But the fact that it doesn’t cause muscle damage really allows you to recover fast enough to do it regularly.

When it comes to load carrying and skiing work, I usually use the equivalent of “10 meters = 1 rep”:

  • If you are using it to build muscle, this means that the sets cover 60 to 100 meters.
  • If you’re using it to build strength, think 10 to 50 meters.

You must use a load that makes it difficult for you to complete the specified distance. This distance is NOT done by running. You must use “walking speed” to create the muscle tension needed to trigger hypertrophy.

Try 2-4 styles of push-ups or pull-ups, 3-5 sets each, then rest 2-3 minutes between sets.


For example:

  • Push-ups with low handles (hips higher than shoulders): glutes center of gravity
  • Pulling the sled back in half-squat depth: focus four times
  • Center push-up (hips and shoulders aligned): hamstring center
  • Sliding to the side: the kidnapper’s complement and focus

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