Rapper Mystikal arrested for rape and false imprisonment

Louisiana rapper Mystikal was arrested for rape and falsely jailed Sunday, according to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Mystikal, 51, whose real name is Michael Tyler, is facing charges of first-degree rape, simple robbery, domestic sexual abuse, false imprisonment and simple property damage.

Deputies responded to an area hospital on Saturday night regarding a sexual assault, Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre said. Upon interviewing the victim, who suffered minor injuries in the attack, Mystikal was identified as a suspect.

Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Donovan Jackson said: “He was arrested and placed in Ascension Parish Jail. “This is an ongoing investigation. Other details may be limited at this time.”

According to the sheriff’s office, Mystikal is awaiting trial at Ascension Parish Prison.

A lawyer for the entertainer said a bail hearing has been set for Tuesday.

“Our investigation into the truth has only just begun, but we hope Mystikal will be released on bail,” lawyer Roy Maughan said.

This is not the first time the rapper has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Mystikal was indicted in 2017 on charges of rape and kidnapping and “served 18 months in prison before being released with a sum of $3 million,” according to the court. Related press. The charges were dropped by the Caddo County Prosecutor in Louisiana after a second grand jury refused to bring an indictment.

Mystikal spent six years in prison after pleading guilty in 2003 to sex and blackmail charges for forcing his then-hairstylist to “perform sexual acts on him and two bodyguards.” doctor” after she allegedly illegally withdrew checks for thousands of dollars from the rapper’s account, according to the AP.

Mystikal is a registered sex offender.

He burst onto the music scene in the mid-’90s with the regional hit “Here I Go” before joining Master P’s No Limit Records performance. Mystikal’s style was evident in hit songs like such “Make ‘Em Say Uhh” and “It Aint My Fault 2” also found solo success with “The Man Right Chea.”

He created crossover hits such as “Danger (Been So Long)” and “Shake Ya A (asterisk)” produced by Neptunes featuring Pharrell Williams, which earned him a 2001 Grammy nomination. .

He has earned two more Grammy nominations in 2003one for best male rap solo performance and one for best rap album.

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