Rapper Mystikal charged with rape, false imprisonment in newest authorized bother

Rapper Mystikal was charged with rape and false imprisonment in Louisiana on Monday – the latest disturbing charges brought against the artist.

Michael “Mystikal” Tyler, 51, was arrested first degree rapelooting, false imprisonment and strangulation with batteries of domestic abuse, according to the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana.

The police department said detectives interviewed one victim on Saturday night just before midnight.

Authorities said the victim suffered minor injuries in the alleged attack.

“Through further investigation, Michael ‘Mystikal’ Tyler was identified as a suspect,” the sheriff’s office said.

The hip-hop star could face life in prison if convicted of rape. He is being held without bail.

Mystikal faces charges related to a recent sexual assault allegation in 2017 from an incident at a Shreveport casino the previous year. After serving 18 months in prison, he was finally released on $3 million bail in February 2019.

Mystikal was arrested on charges of first-degree rape, robbery, false imprisonment, house battery use and strangulation.
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Prosecutors then dropped the rape and kidnapping charges against him in December 2020. That decision came after new information was presented to a grand jury, which they chose not to. issue a new indictment.

Back in 2003, the New Orleans native was sentenced to six years in prison after he pleaded guilty to lewdness. In that case, the victim – his then-hairstylist – accused him of forcing her to perform sexual acts with him and his two bodyguards in retaliation for the alleged withdrew tens of thousands of dollars in unauthorized checks from his account.

After the 2017 fees were dropped, it appears he wants to avoid future legal disturbances. He told the Associated Press in April 2021 that he wanted to move on from his past that brought him into a “terrible brotherhood.”

Rapper Mystikal
Rapper known for his hit single “Shake (it Fast).”
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“When I look back and listen to the music, man – I’m a nasty rapper!” He said in 2021. “A lot of my music now, I imagine myself rapping it for God and if I can rap it, I’m proud.”

Attorney Joel Pearce, who represented Mystikal on the 2017 charges, said he expected a “major bond” to be brought against the rapper this time around. Lawyers have yet to be hired to represent Mystikal, a registered sex offender, in this case, although the two are expected to meet later this week.

Mystikal’s musical career peaked in 2000 when his hit single “Shake (it Fast)” peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and his 2000 album “Let’s Get Ready” went platinum.

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